What is dictation and transcription?

Dictation is the action of speaking to a person (or device) and transcription is the process of taking that dictated speech, and writing or transcribing it into a text document.

How do you transcribe dictation?

Make sure you’re signed in to Microsoft 365, using the new Microsoft Edge or Chrome. Go to Home > Dictate dropdown > Transcribe. In the Transcribe pane, select Start recording. If it’s your first time transcribing, give the browser permission to use your mic.

What is a dictation transcription machine?

A dictation machine is a voice recording hand held device most commonly used to record speech dictate for later playback or to be typed into the computer. It includes voice recorder and a transcription software with foot pedal.

What is a transcription text?

Transcription helps you convert recorded speech to text. Transcription, or transcribing as it is often referred to, is the process of converting speech from an audio or video recording into text. Transcription entails more than just listening to recordings. The content must be understood and nothing should be omitted.

What is dictation used for?

Dictation is the process of writing down what someone else has said. With young children, dictation offers a way for a parent or a teacher to record a child’s thoughts or ideas when the writing demands surpass writing skills.

How do you transcribe?


  1. Open up a word processing app on your smartphone.
  2. On the keyboard of your smartphone, select the Microphone button and it will start recording.
  3. Hold your phone near your computer or other device and Playback the Video. Your phone will automatically turn the audio into text.

How do you transcribe a language?

In basic form, the Transcription Technique has just two steps: Listen to a recording in your target language, and transcribe (write down) the recording as you listen. Record yourself speaking the text that you’ve written down. You then repeat these two steps until you’ve mastered that piece of text.

What is IPA transcription?

international phonetic alphabet

A phonetic transcription looks quite unlike a regular (‘orthographic’) transcription. The transcriber notes the way the spoken words are pronounced, using a special alphabet of phonetic symbols. The most common is the international phonetic alphabet (IPA).

What is NVivo transcription?

NVivo Transcription is an automated, cloud-based transcription service integrated into NVivo. It allows you to send media files for transcription directly from NVivo, returning the transcripts embedded with the media files they were created from Audio and video.

What do you mean by transcribing?

Definition of transcribe

transitive verb. 1a : to make a written copy of. b : to make a copy of (dictated or recorded matter) in longhand or on a machine (such as a typewriter) c : to paraphrase or summarize in writing. d : write down, record.

Is transcribing and transcription same?

Transcribing or ‘transcription’ is a synonym for ‘writing out’ or ‘typing out’ and is a crucial part of qualitative research.

Why do we transcribe?

Transcription gives you a written record of your research.

Storing text uses less memory than storing audio, and is available in more formats. Having a written transcription makes it easier to share with fellow researchers, participants, or outside auditors.

What is dictation system?

A dictation machine is a sound recording device most commonly used to record speech for playback or to be typed into print. It includes digital voice recorders and tape recorder.

What are the types of dictating machine?

duplicating machine

  • Noiseless typewriters.
  • Electric typewriters.
  • Portable typewriters.
  • Typewriter composing machines.
  • Automatically controlled machines.
  • High-speed printers.

How do you use a dictation machine?

Put it in your old pocket memo. And start your recording. Once finalized you take it out of the recorder. Put it back attach it to the file. But wait you have to assign a priority.

What is dictation example?

Dictation is defined as giving orders authoritatively, or saying or recording words with the intent that they will be written down later. Orders that need to be obeyed are an example of dictation. Making a recording on a tape recorder for your secretary to type later is an example of dictation.

What is dictated text in reading?

In dictated guided writing, each child in the group individually writes the same story, while the teacher provides support and teaches into each student’s particular needs.

How many types of dictation are there?

Sawyer & Silver (1972) identifies types of dictation as follows 1) phonemic item dictation, involving presentation of individual sounds, 2) phonemic text dictation, whereby learners phonetically transcribe a short text, 3) orthographic item dictation, the dictating of individual words used for testing spelling, and 4) …

What are the advantages of dictation?

Advantages: It is an intensive activity, which makes students concentrate. The teacher can keep good control of the class, so it is a suitable technique for large classes. It encourages ‘using the context’ if texts are properly chosen.

How does dictation help a child?

Dictation is a great tool for teaching spelling because it allows children to use their spelling skills in a “real world” application. Simply put, you say a phrase or sentence containing their spelling words, and students repeat it and write it down.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dictation?

(a) It might cause high effective filter especially for ‘frightened’ and ‘insecure’ learners. (b) It does not require any talent or information on teacher. (c) It is only the aural skills that are developed in dictations. (d) It is uncommunicative, boring and old fashioned.

What is dictation in communication?

Dictation is the transcription of spoken word to text that includes someone who is “taking dictation” and another who is “dictating” or speaking.

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