What is NGX admin?

ngx-admin is a front-end admin dashboard template based on Angular 9+, Bootstrap 4+ and Nebular. That means all the data you can see on graphs, charts and tables is mocked in Javascript so you can use the backend of your choice with no limitations.

Is Ngx-Admin good?

It’s an absolute must-have if you’re planning to create an admin dashboard, a CRM, or a CMS. According to our research, the use of Ngx-admin allows for reducing development time to 480 hours, and saving more than $33,000 (if we take the average hourly rate of a front-end developer in the US as $70).

Is Ngx-admin free?

material ngx-admin

Free for personal and commercial usage.

How do I run Ngx-admin?

Install ngx-admin

  1. Npm – Node. js package manager, comes with Node. js. Please make sure npm version is >=5.
  2. You might also need some specific native packages depending on your operating system like build-essential on Ubuntu.

Is Ngx-Admin open source?

The most popular admin dashboard based on Angular 9+ and Nebular with Eva Design System support. Free and Open Source for personal and commercial purposes.

What is ng admin?

Beyond simple CRUD, ng-admin lets you build sophisticated GUIs without getting in your way.

What is Dashboard in angular?

Angular Dashboard Layout or Dashboard Template is a grid-structured layout component that helps create static and dynamic dashboard layouts with panels. Dashboard panels are the basic building blocks of a dashboard and can be added programmatically or dynamically at runtime.

Is angular material grid responsive?

At a given breakpoint range, the layout adjusts to suit the screen size and orientation. Material Design provides responsive layouts based on 4-column, 8-column, and 12-column grids, available for use across different screens, devices, and orientations.

What is syncfusion in angular?

Syncfusion Angular UI (Essential JS 2) is a collection of modern TypeScript based true Angular Components. It has support for Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation and Tree-Shaking. All the components are developed from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, modular and touch friendly.

Is angular material mobile responsive?

It is an In-built responsive design. Angular Material has standard CSS. The new version of UI Components, buttons, checkboxes, and text fields is used to follow Angular Material Design concepts.

What means NGX?

Angular + x

ngx = Angular + x (redefined/modern/new/next-gen) update like ngx-bootstrap. Also, many ng packages are running from the old AngularJS (i.e. 1. x) era. ngx packages are designed mostly post that time for Angular 2+.

Is nebular free?

Nebular is free of charge and open-source.

How do you install nebular?


  1. Install Nebular modules. npm install –save @nebular/theme @angular/cdk @angular/animations.
  2. Configure Nebular. At this stage you have everything in place, let’s configure Nebular in the app module. import { NbThemeModule } from ‘@nebular/theme’; … @ …
  3. Install Styles. Now, let’s import Nebular styles.

What gases are in a nebula?

Nebulae are made of dust and gases—mostly hydrogen and helium. The dust and gases in a nebula are very spread out, but gravity can slowly begin to pull together clumps of dust and gas.

What is angular nebular?

Nebular is an Angular library that simplifies complex rich UI applications development. It consists of the following modules: Theme, Authentication, and Security.

What is the modern nebular theory?

Currently the best theory is the Nebular Theory . This states that the solar system developed out of an interstellar cloud of dust and gas, called a nebula . This theory best accounts for the objects we currently find in the Solar System and the distribution of these objects.

How do I update my nebular theme?

Update version in your package. json and run npm i or simply run ng update @nebular/[email protected] , where 4.0. 1 is the desired version.

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