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What is airfocus

The first modular product management platform: Discover, learn, plan and deliver – your way.

airfocus offers a modern and modular product management platform.

It provides a complete solution for product teams to manage and communicate their product strategy, prioritize their work, build roadmaps, and connect feedback to solve the right problems. Designed with flexibility in mind, airfocus allows you to quickly customize the platform to fit your needs without disrupting the way your team works.

Join thousands of global product teams who use airfocus to make better decisions and build outstanding products.

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Why use airfocus?

It provides a complete solution for product teams to manage and communicate their product strategy, prioritize their work, build roadmaps, and connect feedback to solve the right problems.

airfocus and Prioritization FAQ

Why is product prioritization important?

An effective product prioritization process garners support from stakeholders, inspires a vision in your team, and minimizes the risk of working on something that nobody wants.

Why do we prioritize a feature?

Feature prioritization is planning out the order of features your team works on, based on your product roadmap. It’s important to prioritize features because you have limited time and money and too many potential features.

What are the three prioritization methods?

Luckily, a whole community of product experts have come before you. They’ve built great things, and built even greater prioritization frameworks! Here, we’ll show you the top three methods that all Product Managers should know; MoSCow, RICE, and Kano.

  • The MoSCoW Method. …
  • RICE Scoring. …
  • Kano Model.

What is prioritization method?

The prioritization method allows you to categorize your list of requirements, ideas or features into the following sets: M (must have). In the final solution, these features must be satisfied and non-negotiable. Your product will fail without them.

What is the best way to prioritize product features?

7 practical ways to prioritize features

  1. Place features into themes to avoid choice paralysis. …
  2. Break down product features by feasibility, desirability, and viability. …
  3. Score options on an Effort/Impact scale. …
  4. Go deeper with the RICE Method. …
  5. Use a Priority Scorecard to score features by custom criteria.

What are the prioritization techniques in agile?

8 Popular Prioritization Techniques

  • MoSCoW prioritization – popularized by the DSDM methodology.
  • Kano model – introduced by Prof. Noriaki Kano.
  • The relative weighting method – by Karl Wiegers.
  • Opportunity Scoring.
  • Stack Ranking.
  • Priority Poker.
  • Cost of Delay.
  • 100 Dollar Test.

What is the ABC prioritization system?

ABC Method
The most important tasks on your time management plan are given the letter A, less important tasks the letter B, and the least important tasks the letter C. Once each task is assigned a letter, the subtasks for each task (A, B, and C) are further prioritized by number (1, 2, and 3).

How do you use prioritization matrix?

To create a project priority matrix, you first need to create a list of potential projects. Next, determine your selection criteria and their weights, then input scores for each item. Finally, compare the scores to decide on your next project. Use the matrix that is best for the job.

Which of the following is a good prioritization tool?

Jira is also a great tool to prioritize the work you’re doing on more of an ongoing basis, as Jira gives you the ability to quickly move issues around as needed and create upcoming sprints to show where the work will actually fall based on velocity.

Is prioritization a strategy?

A strategy is simply arranging actions in order of importance. Strategic leadership is simply a massive ongoing exercise in prioritization. It sounds strange, but prioritization is the main role of a strategic leader.

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