Why use AirMason

Why use AirMason?

They can easily access an interactive, engaging publication from their own mobile device or computer, wherever they are. Fewer and fewer people read traditional texts. They look for information on the Internet. Today you can reach with your magazine or book even those people who don’t buy printed content.

AirMason and Digital Publishing FAQ

What is the purpose of digital publishing?

Digital publishing allows you to access your content and publishing documents anytime, anywhere, and change those errors, something you couldn’t do with a print publication.

What is an advantage of using digital publishing for a book?

Cut Costs. Cutting costs is one of the most obvious advantages of digital publishing. Think about how much money gets spent on producing print editions: paper costs, paying printers, and shipping your publications. It all adds up!

What is digital publishing and who can do it?

Sometimes, though, digital publishing is more common than you think. Most of the time, we’re referring to “digital publishers” as commercial publishers who create all sorts of social media content, e-books, digital magazines, online catalogs, apps with articles or other digital content.

What is digital publishing platform?

A Digital Publishing Platform is a software solution that enables marketers, publishers, and designers to create, edit, and publish content online and as an app in app stores.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online publishing?

Environmentally Friendly: With digital magazines, there’s no need for paper or ink. Revenue: They open new sustainable revenue channels through advertising and ecommerce. Disadvantages: Digital magazines can sometimes be harder to read than printed magazines as the reader must be able to zoom in and out.

What are the disadvantages of digital publishing?

Disadvantages of Web Publishing

  • It Ain’t Free. …
  • Pull Technology. …
  • Lack of Control. …
  • Death by Boredom. …
  • The Strains of Device Proliferation. …
  • Streamlined Publishing. …
  • Wrong Information. …
  • It Requires Computing Equipment.

What are the advantages of magazines moving to digital formats?

Digital magazines have the ability to reach readers on a global scale. They have become a powerfully engaging way to keep a reader’s interest while maintaining loyalty, even when readers have moved to another location. Digital magazines allow publishers to send content to readers no matter their location.

What is the advantage of publication?

Through Open Access publication, authors benefit in number of ways: Standards of high-quality, rapid peer-review and production. Enhances the visibility and presence of the author due to free dissemination and frequent citation. Liberal licensing and re-use policy through Creative Commons license.

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