Why use Alertra

Why use Alertra?

Alertra’s easy to use website monitoring service, including phone and SMS alerts, keeps you in the know when it comes to website outages or slowdowns. They check your websites, website uptime, servers and routers from all around the world to verify they’re working as they should.

Alertra and Website Monitoring FAQ

Why is website monitoring important?

The overall performance, speed and the UI of your website directly affects search engine results. Ensuring you always stay in their good books, website monitoring is imperative. That’s a good enough reason by itself!

Why do we need to monitor website outages?

Solution: Website monitoring keeps you aware of any outages your site experiences, even the little ones that you might not know about otherwise, but the search engines noticed. Knowing early on about outages allows you to get on the problem quickly to protect your page rankings.

Which tools can you use to monitor a website’s uptime?

12 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools & Software [2022 Reviews]

  • Sematext Synthetics. …
  • Uptime. …
  • Site 24×7. …
  • Uptime Robot. …
  • Pingdom Speed Test. …
  • Datadog Synthetics. …
  • Better Uptime. …
  • StatusCake.

What is website monitoring tool?

Website monitoring tools/services help maintain uninterrupted website access, minimize downtime, optimize performance, and functionality to ensure that the site is online and running smoothly 24/7. In case of downtime, they provide alerts by email, phone call, or SMS.

What is website monitoring service?

Website monitoring helps you identify your site’s performance problems in real-time. Most of these services capture webpage availability, average web page load time, and web page functionality, among other performance indicators. If you’re site is slow, people are not going to stay and wait.

How can I monitor if a website is down?

Method 1 — Checking with Website Planet

  1. Visit Website Planet.
  2. Enter the URL of your website address on the field and press the Check button.
  3. Website Planet will show whether your website is online or not.

How do you monitor website?

How does Website Monitoring work?

  1. Initiates a connection with the website or service.
  2. Checks the return for a response code. …
  3. Checks the return for specified content.
  4. Loads the content into a real browser (Real Browser Monitoring)
  5. Records load times for each page element as it loads in the browser (performance monitoring)

How do uptime monitors work?

Monthly reporting. Each month, you’ll receive an uptime report for all your sites to show you how well they performed. In it, we show you what percentage of uptime each site received, as monitored via its primary location. If a site is down, it’ll be subtracted from the total uptime.

What is an uptime monitor?

Uptime Monitoring checks the availability and the response time of your website and publicly accessible infrastructure. An effective monitoring solution will alert you of a problem as soon as it occurs – wherever you are.

What is uptime monitoring tool?

Uptime monitoring ensures that your website is constantly available to serve your customers. Discover the best tools for the job. No matter what your website does, it exists to attract the public to your business, cause, or interest.

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