Why use ASTRA Security

What is ASTRA Security

Easy to use, rock-solid & affordable security for small to large businesses. Peace of mind for you. 24/7 Support.

A complete security suite consisting of an Intelligent Web Application Firewall, Automated Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management Solution.

Astra firewall protects your website from 100+ different types of attacks including SQLi, XSS, Bad Bots, etc. The automated vulnerability scanner lets you scan your website for any security loopholes or vulnerabilities. It prevents & detects nasty malware like redirection malware , pharma hack , Japanese keyword hack , phishing pages hosted on your site, Google Blacklist , etc.

The pentesting and automated vulnerability scanning solution is tailored for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Cloud Infras (AWS/Azure/GCP) and more. It scans your internet-facing asset with more than 3000 tests. Further, it offers features such as detailed vulnerability analysis, reporting and steps to fix, security boosters with integrations option with CI/CD and much more.

Why use ASTRA Security?

The benefits of Astra Security software solution Astra Security is a great cyber and data security solution for small- to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. It offers a wide array of features and tools to help protect your website from a number of potential threats, from attacking bots to malware.

ASTRA Security and Web Application Security FAQ

What is Astra security?

Astra Security is a privately held U.S. & India based web application security & solutions company. We offer holistic website security solutions via real-time malware monitoring, threat protection, malware removal & website protection services.

What is the purpose of Web security?

The purpose of website security is to prevent these (or any) sorts of attacks. The more formal definition of website security is the act/practice of protecting websites from unauthorized access, use, modification, destruction, or disruption.

What is the best security for a website?

Best Website Security Tools

  • Let’s Encrypt – SSL Certificate.
  • Cloudflare – Web Application Firewall.
  • Cloud CDN – Global Content Delivery Network.
  • LogicMonitor – Website Monitoring Service.
  • Duo Security – Two-Factor Authentication.
  • GoDaddy – Secure Site Hosting.
  • Dropmysite – Website Backup.

How do you security test a web application?

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): A DAST approach involves looking for vulnerabilities in a web app that an attacker could try to exploit. This testing method works to find which vulnerabilities an attacker could target and how they could break into the system from the outside.

Who is Astra The hacker?

ASTRA is the only one among the famous hackers in this list who has yet to be publicly identified. We only know that he is a Greek mathematician responsible for hacking into the Dassault Group’s server. He stole weapons technology software and other relevant data, which he sold to at least 250 people across the globe.

How do I add Astra plugin to WordPress?

Installing Astra Theme On WordPress Website

  1. On the WordPress themes page, click on “Upload Themes” to install the astra theme which you have saved on your computer.
  2. Now click “Choose file” and select the Astra theme Zip file. …
  3. Once you’ve selected the file, click “Install Now” to install the Astra Theme.

How do I make my website more secure?

How to Improve Your Websites Safety

  1. Keep Software And Plugins Up-To-Date.
  2. Add HTTPS and an SSL Certificate.
  3. Choose a Smart Password.
  4. Use a Secure Web Host.
  5. Record User Access and Administrative Privileges.
  6. Change Your CMS Default Settings.
  7. Backup Your Website.
  8. Know Your Web Server Configuration Files.

How can I improve my website security?

Here are eight essential things that you can do to safeguard your website right now:

  1. Keep your Software Up-to-Date. …
  2. Enforce a Strong Password Policy. …
  3. Encrypt your Login Pages. …
  4. Use a Secure Host. …
  5. Keep your Website Clean. …
  6. Backup your Data. …
  7. Scan your Website for Vulnerabilities. …
  8. Hire a Security Expert.

What is website security monitoring?

The website Security system uses a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to check and verify all the incoming data and assures to filter out the malicious code, even before it tries to impose an attack. Website Monitoring Software.

Why is application security testing important?

Security testing is an active, rigorous analysis of weaknesses, flaws, and vulnerabilities. Through testing, you can identify the problems and repair them before data is lost.

How do you audit a web application security?

Audit your web application with this definitive 4-step guide

  1. Step 1: Review the web application.
  2. Step 2: Assess security.
  3. Step 3: Check compatibility.
  4. Step 4: Run code metrics.
  5. Step 5: Compile recommendations.
  6. Should you outsource the audit?

What tool is recommended for application security testing?

W3af. One of the most popular web application security testing frameworks that are also developed using Python is W3af. The tool allows testers to find over 200 types of security issues in web applications, including: Blind SQL injection.

Which security approach seems most popular to integrate user security in applications?

Intrusion prevention and detection systems (IDPS) are among some of the most effective cloud security tools on the market. They monitor, analyze, and respond to network traffic across both on-premises and public cloud environments.

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