Why use Axius

Why use Axius?

Through the app you can control your smart devices such as lights, thermostats and locks using WiFi or Bluetooth, or by voice commands through Siri. The Home app can also be used to create “scenes.” This option allows you to control multiple devices with one command.

Axius and Home FAQ

Why should I use HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is a system that lets you control all of the best smart home devices, so long as they’re compatible. It gives you control over your smart thermostat, lights, locks and more in multiple rooms, creating comfortable environments and just the right ambiance with a tap on your smartphone.

Do you need the home app?

The Google Home app is essential because it does so many things, such as connecting to your physical Google Home device, finding apps for Chromecast, and giving you customization for what you get from the Google Assistant.

What is the use of home app in iPad?

Automate your accessories and scenes to turn on or off when you or a shared user arrives or leaves your home. To create an automation triggered by location, you and the people you invite to control your home need to turn on Share My Location for the primary iOS or iPadOS device1 used to control your home.

What is the use of home app in iPhone?

You can use the Home app to securely control and automate HomeKit-enabled accessories, such as lights, smart TVs, and thermostats. When you set up supported security cameras, you can capture video, and receive a notification when a camera recognizes someone at your door or when a package is left at the door.

Is Apple HomeKit any good?

Usability has vastly improved over time, and the Home app is a very powerful smart home manager, giving you a lot more options for control and automation than Alexa does. Overall, HomeKit is more on par with a smart home system like SmartThings, although it still needs work.

Can I delete iPhone home apps?

On your iOS device, touch and hold the app lightly until it jiggles. If the app doesn’t jiggle, make sure that you’re not pressing too hard. on the app, then tap Remove.

How do I turn off Apple home?

Control accessories in Control Center

Open Control Center, then tap a button to turn an accessory on or off, or touch and hold the button until controls appear. If you don’t want accessories to appear in Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center, then turn off Show Home Controls.

How do I use my iPhone as a home hub?

Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, then turn on Home. You must be signed in with the same Apple ID on your home hub device and your iPhone. If you have an Apple TV or a HomePod and you’re signed in with the same Apple ID as your iPhone, it’s set up automatically as a home hub.

How do I connect my Apple home to my Smart TV?

To control your TV using HomeKit, you must first add the TV as an accessory to the Home app on your Apple device.

  1. Make sure your Apple device is connected to the same network as the TV.
  2. On the TV remote control, press the Input button and then select AirPlay .
  3. Select AirPlay & HomeKit settings.
  4. Select Set up HomeKit.

How does Home app work?

Quote from Youtube: You can automate devices to work based on your location. The time of day other accessories or when sensors detect something. And you have different settings based on the automation.

What is keychain in iPhone?

With iCloud Keychain, you can keep your passwords and other secure information updated across your devices. iCloud Keychain remembers things, so that you don’t have to. It auto-fills your information—like your Safari usernames and passwords, credit cards, and Wi-Fi passwords on any device that you approve.

What is iCloud drive do?

What is iCloud Drive? In the simplest terms, iCloud Drive is Apple’s version of Dropbox. It’s a cloud-based, document-oriented file-storage service that keeps your data in sync between various devices: PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and so on.

Should I have iCloud Drive on or off?

The truth is, you don’t need iCloud Drive to get by. You can use any other cloud storage and file hosting app, but you do need and should use iCloud. It offers too many useful and basic features to avoid. Some more useful examples include Find iPhone and Find Friends, Family Sharing, Backups, and even more.

Do photos stay on phone if deleted from iCloud?

Any selected images will be deleted from iCloud, but if you’ve turned off iCloud Photos, the photos on your other devices will remain intact.

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