Why use Blazemeter

Why use Blazemeter?

BlazeMeter simplifies and improves script maintenance. Tired of managing long and complex test scripts? BlazeMeter’s Multi-Test breaks a large test run down into smaller components for analysis so you can easily focus on specific features and use cases, resulting in smaller pieces of code per commit.

Blazemeter and Testing FAQ

Why do we use BlazeMeter?

In other words, BlazeMeter provides a performance testing tool that you then configure to your particular needs, be it in the form of a load test or stress test or something else. This is where you scale up your test to run across multiple engines and even from multiple locations around the world, if you like.

Is BlazeMeter good tool?

Very useful in both performance and functional testing. We are following continous integration methodology and are very useful for continuous testing. BlazeMeter- A good tool for Perfomance Testing! Blaze meter is a good tool for performance testing for web, mobile.

What is BlazeMeter performance testing?

Run massively scalable, open source-based performance tests against all of your apps, from web and mobile apps to microservices and APIs. Validate performance at every software delivery stage with advanced analytics, collaboration and more.

What is the use of BlazeMeter for JMeter?

The best way to scale is through BlazeMeter, which lets you run heavier loads than JMeter. BlazeMeter lets you upload your JMeter scripts, scale your number of users, choose your region, set ramp-up time and determine how long the test will run.

What is difference between BlazeMeter and JMeter?

BlazeMeter is ‘JMeter in the cloud’. This means it’s not only 100% compatible with JMeter – but it also addresses its limitations like scalability, stability and reporting. With BlazeMeter, you can get: ‘On-the-fly’ script recording with the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension.

What is BlazeMeter tool?

BlazeMeter provides developers with tools using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service that provide mobile, web application, website, web-service or database testing that can simulate thousands of users. visiting a website simultaneously. BlazeMeter can be extended with a series of custom plug-ins.

How do you use a BlazeMeter?

How To Record a Test

  1. Click the BlazeMeter icon in your Chrome browser toolbar:
  2. Log in to your BlazeMeter account if you haven’t already. …
  3. Give your test a name.
  4. (Optional) Expand and configure advanced options, or use the defaults.
  5. Click the Start recording button.

What is average throughput in BlazeMeter?


The number of requests made per second. When the throughput is saved to a CSV file, it is expressed in requests/second, i.e. 30.0 requests/minute is saved as 0.5. Once the test is done, the throughput is the actual throughput for the duration of the entire test.

How do you run a load test in BlazeMeter?

Quote from Youtube: So we're going to start with an import of a har file that are recorded so when inside browser and I hit some API. And I save that as a har file and that's what we're now loading.

How do you create a test in BlazeMeter?

BlazeMeter engines run on Taurus and support various different open-source testing tools. Upload your own JMX script to run a JMeter test, or run a Gatling test by uploading a . scala file.

Create a Performance Test

  1. In the main menu, click the Performance tab.
  2. Click Create Test.
  3. Click Performance Test.

How do you start a BlazeMeter?

Quote from Youtube: So you can see that one JMX file got created it will download the jam X file can you see that this is over here you go to show in folder. This will be available in my downloads folder you can see that

How do you save a recording on BlazeMeter?

Export the Recording as Performance Test

  1. Export it as a JMeter . jmx file. …
  2. Export it as a JSON file. Again, you can edit it before running your test.
  3. Export it as a URL list to instantly create a URL test. Just export it, go to the BlazeMeter app and start running your test.
  4. Export it as a “Smart JMX”.

How do I record a JMeter script in Chrome without BlazeMeter?

All you need to do is press the edit button before you upload. You will see a JSON structure that you can edit as you see fit. You can edit, move, duplicate, delete or add new entries, that once uploaded, will go into your JMeter script. Don’t forget to press the upload button to upload.

How do I use a BlazeMeter proxy recorder?

Go to your phone’s “Settings”, go to Connections, then “Wi-Fi”, and hold selection on your local Wi-Fi network. Select the “Manage network settings” option and select “Show advanced options”. Tap the Proxy dropdown and select “Manual” for the proxy setup. You’ll now be asked to enter data for the server and the port.

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