Why use CloudSponge

What is CloudSponge

Companies from every industry use CloudSponge’s Contact Picker to get access to their users’ address books.

CloudSponge is a Contact Picker for all major address books. It allows your users to share their address books without ever needing to remember, type, or upload emails manually.

CloudSponge has been around since 2009 perfecting a product that will help companies get the most out of their existing word-of-mouth sharing feature.

We’ve come a long way from the copy and paste game. We know that once a customer has to leave a site to gather that information, they could leave forever. With the Contact Picker, users have straight access to their entire address books. Sharing contacts becomes a simple click. With straight access to their address books, users are going to share more. That means more site visitors, more referrals, more sales, better open rates, and lower customer acquisition costs.

Why use CloudSponge?

CloudSponge pulls recipient details to personalize the “From,” “To,” and “Subject” fields on all outgoing emails, so prospects will know who referred them. And because recipients can tell the recommendation came from a trusted contact, these referrals will boost open rates and increase conversions.

CloudSponge and Referral Software FAQ

Why use CloudSponge?

What is CloudSponge? CloudSponge is a software-as-a-service product that imports all the major address books. Most websites use our product so that their users don’t have to type email addresses into their referral forms when they want to send an invitation, greeting card or coupon to someone they know.

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