Why use CodeClimate

What is CodeClimate

Code Climate provides automated code review for your apps, letting you fix quality and security issues before they hit production. We check every commit, branch and pull request for changes in quality and potential vulnerabilities.

CodeClimate and Code Analysis FAQ

What is code climate used for?

Code Climate is a hosted platform to continuously measure and monitor code quality. It keeps an eye on your code’s overall quality, but it can also track test coverage.

What is Codeclimate Yml?

codeclimate. yml or . codeclimate. json configuration file. This is helpful for those who prefer more finely-tuned configuration of maintainability checks and third-party plugins, or wish to keep their configuration in version control.

How do you run a local climate code?

Run Code Climate Locally

  1. Install and setup using Docker for mac.
  2. Pull code climate image to your machine using docker pull codeclimate/codeclimate.
  3. To support this installation, code climate package is installed using the commands.

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