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What is Configure One

Configure One CPQ covers your entire sales-to-production process. Configure products, calculate pricing, send quotes to customers, secure an order, and generate engineering documents. All with Configure One.

Streamline your business operations by revolutionizing how you quote and sell configurable products and services. Make Configure One the cornerstone of your digital transformation, win more business and delight your customers. Configure One has been specifically designed for manufacturers. We develop unique functionality such as product visualization, integration to CAD, and the ability to handle the varying challenges that manufacturers face.

Founded in 2000, Configure One is a privately held CPQ (configure, price, and quote) software company headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, near Chicago. Our European operation, Configure One Europe, Ltd., is located in Harlow, Essex, near London.

We aim to be the most innovative and ethical technology company providing best-in-class solutions to organizations with complex business needs. We believe in creating a culture that values deep collaboration and cultivates the passion of our people. Through partnership, guidance, and expertise, we strive to exceed every expectation of our customers.

Configure One and Document Management FAQ

What is the purpose of configuration management?

The role of configuration management is to maintain systems in a desired state. Traditionally, this was handled manually or with custom scripting by system administrators. Automation is the use of software to perform tasks, such as configuration management, in order to reduce cost, complexity, and errors.

What are the benefits of configuration management?

What Are the Benefits of Configuration Management?

  • Automation of configuration policies and management for prompt remediation.
  • Scalability with tools capable of onboarding an extensive infrastructure over time.
  • Flexibility with varying tool capabilities and seamless integration into existing solutions.

What is the benefit of document management system?

A document management system can be a powerful, time-saving tool. Depending on the solution implemented, a DMS can retrieve files by a word or phrase in a document. Easier integration with business applications facilitates access to critical information. DMS also gives the opportunity to access documents remotely.

What is the purpose of document management?

Document management is a system or process used to capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing files and digital images of paper-based content. Document management can save you time and money.

What is configuration and what’s its importance?

Configuration is what makes your systems (servers, networks, operating systems, data centers, configuration files, IT assets and all other configuration items) work. Open the settings menu in any software and you are dealing with configuration management.

What are the four elements of configuration management?

Identification, control, audit, and status accounting are the four basic requirements for a software configuration management system.

Why document management is important for business?

A document management system puts documents all in one place, ensuring that employees are working with the same set of information. This centralized repository of critical documents can serve as a “source of truth” across the organization.

What are the key feature of an effective document management systems?

Providing quick and efficient updates at any time. Giving instant access to the right information, from any location. Providing multimedia content access in a range of formats. The ability for customisation such as personal annotations to be done easily, without fear of deletion through frequent manual updates.

What should a document management system have?

Document Management can be defined as the way which is used by organizations to manage and track electronic documents.
Those features include:

  • Storage Location.
  • Security and access control.
  • Auditing and Indexing.
  • Classification, Search and retrieval.
  • Integration with desktop application.

What is the purpose of a document repository?

A document repository gives you a single storage space that is shared among all of your resources and employees, making it so that documents are not duplicated across departments and hoard necessary space.

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