Why use Context.io

Why use Context.io?

Use these to guide you toward creating the app users want to download and review favorably:

  • Reviews determine app visibility.
  • Reviews guide purchasing behavior.
  • Reviews boost conversion rates.
  • Reviews improve your product.

Context.io and App Reviews FAQ

How do App Store reviews work?

Customers provide ratings and reviews on the App Store to give feedback on their experience with an app and help others decide which apps they’d like to try. You can ask for ratings and respond to reviews to improve your app’s discoverability, encourage downloads, and build rapport with people who use your app.

Does rating effect the app?

Because app reviews and ratings affect your app’s success and visibility in several ways. Good ratings indicate that your app provides benefits to its users. This will convince new users to download your app. A poor app rating will achieve the opposite effect, chasing users away from your app.

What happens if an app gets 1 rating?

“An app with 1 star rating will still be available for download even after it gets poor ratings. However, there will be a huge impact on future downloads of the apps as most of it is dependent on reviews,” Vivek Shah who develops applications told Business Insider India.

How important are App Store reviews?

Both the App Store and Play Store place a greater level of importance on ratings and reviews than ever before. Apps with higher ratings and reviews rank high in search. If an app ranks high then there’s a better chance of it being found and downloaded. The more downloads the more it will be kept high in the rankings.

Are App Store reviews reliable?

Review scores are aggregated and used to determine an overall score for the app. The higher the score an app gets, the more people liked it, at least in theory. In practice, a lot of reviews are less than useful for prospective installers and there’s a thriving trade in fake reviews.

How do you increase app reviews?

7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Mobile App Reviews

  1. Use Ad Campaigns and ASO to Boost Downloads.
  2. Simple Review Processes.
  3. Plug-in Feature for Leaving App Reviews.
  4. Persuade Users to Provide Feedback.
  5. Provide User Support.
  6. Gamification.
  7. Request Reviews at the Right Time.
  8. Avoid Resemblance.

What happens if app rating is too low?

Apps with a star rating lower than four stars will typically not be featured. A low rating lets the stores know that the app has issues that need to be resolved before it can confidently feature it. Featuring an app that frustrates users will only erode user faith in the featured apps.

How do you write a good app review?

Components of a Good App Description

  1. A step-by-step process of your app’s main workflow (how to use our app).
  2. A list of your features, or at least your main features.
  3. A list of popular use cases.
  4. What people are saying: PR quotes/User reviews (be careful not to use actual user reviews in Google Play, though!).

Do app reviews matter?

Ratings and reviews are some of the most crucial factors in user acquisition and app discoverability. According to a survey by Apptentive, 59 % of people usually or always check ratings before downloading a new app. 59% of people usually or always check ratings before downloading a new app.

When should you ask for ratings on apps?

Android in-app rating requests
The customized requests are generated in the app and can be prompted whenever the development team decides. The request comes up as a notification and asks the user to provide a rating for the app using happy and sad emojis.

What percent of users review apps?

Note that it’s not just the leading app stores that regard app ratings as essential. 59% of users check app rating before making a download. Users are more likely to stumble on and download apps with hundreds and thousands of reviews in the app stores.

Do people read app reviews?

As per a report published by Apptentive, app reviews can influence 70% of people in installing the app on Apple devices. On the other hand, 75% read app reviews and downloaded them. In 2014, the Apple App Store had 128,000 best business apps onboarded.

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