Why use ezyCollect

Why use ezyCollect?

ezyCollect is designed by a Chartered Accountant to give businesses a streamlined cash flow & debtor management platform with integrated payments and credit scores. It’s easy to integrate, intuitive to use, and offers a no-fuss solution that untangles the complex and oftentimes manual accounts receivable function.

ezyCollect and Online Payments FAQ

How does ezyCollect work?

ezyCollect allows you to exclude customers from entering the automated communication schedule. Their invoices will still be tracked and their payer performance monitored. You can also pause customers. For example, you can pause your automated communications to your customer during their extended periods of closure.

What is the software applications used for accounts receivable?

Comparing Top Accounts Receivable Management Software

Tool Name Best for Rating
YayPay An all-in-one accounts receivable software 5/5 stars
SoftLedger Offers a variety of accounting features 4.5/5 stars
Oracle NetSuite A complete financial management software 4.6/5 stars
Hyland Solutions A user-friendly software 4.5/5 stars

How do you automate accounts receivable?

How to Automate Your Accounts Receivable Process

  1. First, Do This Before Automating Your AR Process.
  2. Mapping Your End-to-End AR Process.
  3. Involve Staff in the Decision-Making Process.
  4. Communicate Goals and Requirements Clearly.
  5. Evaluate Your AR Software Options.
  6. Get Buy-in from Decision-Makers.

Which of the following types of software would be the best to use if you’re developing a file to track account receivable?

1. FreshBooks. A winner of our 2020 Best Accounting Software Award, this robust cloud accounting app for small businesses makes billing easy and efficient. FreshBooks allows users to manage key processes easily from turning receipts into expense files to tracking billable hours.

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