Why use Flobot

What is Flobot

Flobot | Job Management Software | Facilities Management software | Manage the workflow of trade contractors and field engineers.

Why use Flobot?

Automating these processes reduces cost and increases productivity by reducing the time it takes to complete each task. These tools are normally designed for specific industries; for example, there are different tools for managing teams, managing leads and managing marketing campaigns.

Flobot and Sales Force Automation FAQ

What is the benefit of sales force automation?

Automation Increases Productivity and Reduces Errors
The reduction or even elimination of manual data entries for tracking sales activities and reporting outcomes saves your sales reps hours of time each week. This time can instead be allocated into activities that drive revenue, like nurturing and closing deals.

Why do companies choose to adopt sales force automation?

Sales force automation software eliminates the time consuming but necessary tasks associated with selling, freeing sales reps from the mind-numbing, repetitive behind-the-scene chores, enabling them to what they do best- Sales.

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