Why use GitBook

GitBook and Documentation As A Service & Tools FAQ

When should I use GitBook?

According to GitBook, “GitBook is a flexible platform for all kinds of content and collaboration.” It provides a single unified workspace for different users to create, manage and share content without using multiple tools. For example: Individuals can use GitBook to track their personal projects, add notes or ideas.

What is GitBook used for?

GitBook is a modern documentation platform where teams can document everything from products to internal knowledge-bases and APIs. We want to help teams to work more efficiently by creating a simple but yet powerful service for them to share their knowledge.

Is GitBook related to GitHub?

GitBook is a command line tool (and Node. js library) for building beautiful books using GitHub/Git and Markdown (or AsciiDoc). Here is an example: Learn Javascript. You can publish and host books easily online using gitbook.com.

Is GitBook open source?

GitBook started as a simple open source tool designed to let developers quickly publish content from a git repo.

Is GitBook secure?

Yes, all customer data is encrypted at rest and in-transit: In transit, we use HTTPS to encrypt all traffic served to end-users. Even user-provided custom domains are covered, thanks to LetsEncrypt and Cloudflare.

Is GitBook deprecated?

GitBook is being deprecated #193.

How do I link a GitBook to my website?

To enable the secret link, open the space or collection you want to share in GitBook. Hit the Publish button and select “Share Link”. This will publish the content behind a share link. Hit the ‘Link and domain settings’ link in the publish popover to access your share links.

Who owns GitBook?

GitBook has 2 executives. GitBook’s founder is Aaron O Mullan. GitBook’s current Founder, Chief Technology Officer is Samy Pessé.

Does GitBook use Markdown?

GitBook uses the Markdown syntax by default. This is intended as a quick reference and showcase.

Is GitBook private?

Plans – GitBook Documentation. When you create your personal account on GitBook your account is on the free Personal plan. It offers up to 10 private or public spaces. It is great for personal projects, hosting your notes, or even commercial use where you don’t need to collaborate with other folks.

Does GitBook cost money?

GitBook is free forever for individual use. GitBook gives individuals 10 public and private spaces, custom domains and Git Sync at no cost.

How do I publish a GitBook?

Process of Creating a Book

  1. Mirror the Template Repository. …
  2. Open Your Local Repository Using Visual Studio Code. …
  3. Install Local npm Packages. …
  4. Create a Book or an FAQ? …
  5. Build the Book. …
  6. Push the Book to github.com. …
  7. Publish to github.io. …
  8. Use Gitbook Editor to add Your Own Content.

Is GitBook accessible?

They will still be accessible to anyone who has links to your documentation. It lets you easily share your content without it being searchable.

How do I embed a video in GitBook?

Copy the link you want to use in the embed (YouTube video, Instagram post, or another external resource). Add an embed to a post via the Add embed button on the Side Toolbar. Paste the copied link into the corresponding text field.

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