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Gliffy and Diagrams FAQ

What is Gliffy used for?

Gliffy is software for diagramming via an HTML5 cloud-based app. It is used to create UML diagrams, floor plans, Venn diagrams, flowcharts and various other kinds of diagrams online. Gliffy diagrams can be shared with and edited by users in real time.

Which is better Gliffy or draw io?

Draw.io is one other online diagram software that enables the creation of process diagrams, flow charts, network diagrams, ER diagrams, UML diagrams, etc.

Gliffy vs Draw.io.

Gliffy Draw.io
Typical Customers Small and mid-size businesses Freelancers Small businesses
Integrations Bitium Atlassian Confluence JIRA software Google Drive

What is Gliffy diagrams for Confluence?

Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can: Act on a user’s behalf, even when the user is offline. Delete data from the host application.

What is a Gliffy File?

A GLIFFY file is a visual diagram created by Gliffy, a web application used to create and edit diagrams and flowcharts. It contains information about a diagram which may include text, nodes, branches, shapes, and icons that represent ideas and connectors to link the ideas together.

How do you read a gliffy diagram?

Viewing all diagrams in a Confluence space

  1. In Confluence, on the left menu of your space, click Gliffy Diagram.
  2. The list of diagrams in the space appears.
  3. Click a diagram to preview it .

Is gliffy free to use?

Try Gliffy For Free! Sign up for free and experience the scalable diagramming tool that supports your team as they share ideas, build new processes, and document their work.

How do you integrate Gliffy with Confluence?

Adding diagrams to a Confluence page

  1. From an existing page that you are currently editing, click Insert more content > Gliffy Diagram. …
  2. To start a new blank Confluence page with a Gliffy diagram, next to Create, click (Create from template) and then choose Gliffy Diagram.

How do I publish a Gliffy diagram in Confluence?

In the upper-right corner of the Gliffy editor, click Save (Confluence Server) or Publish (Confluence Cloud) or go to File > Save. Tip: If your diagram is not saved, a star or blue dot appears to the left of your diagram name.

Where is my Gliffy diagrams stored in Confluence?

Confluence stores your Gliffy diagrams as attachments on the page where they were created. This means that users require permissions to add and delete attachments in Confluence in order to be able to work with Gliffy.

How do you edit a Gliffy diagram?

While viewing a page in Confluence, hover your cursor over the Gliffy diagram, and, in the toolbar that appears above the diagram, click the Edit Diagram button. 2. While editing a page in Confluence, click the diagram and, in the toolbar that appears above the diagram, click Edit (or double-click the diagram).

How do you draw a Gliffy?

Quote from Youtube: There are two types of line drawing. Tools when you use this connector. Tool it creates a line that will bend and move as you drag and drop your shapes.

How do I convert a PDF to Gliffy?

Printing diagrams

  1. In most browsers, go to File > Print in the Gliffy menu bar. A Print Preview window opens. …
  2. Choose your paper size and orientation and click Next.
  3. In the Destination list, select the printer or choose to Save to PDF or to another destination. …
  4. Click Print.

Can Gliffy export to Visio?

Download the Gliffy file, drag and drop into a blank editor at https://app.diagrams.net/?splash=0, then after import, File->Export As->. vsdx and load that . vsdx in Visio.

How do you export a Gliffy diagram?

Exported diagrams are saved in your web browser’s default download folder.

  1. From the Gliffy editor File menu, click Export.
  2. Select the export format. …
  3. If you choose the PNG or JPG format, select the image size.
  4. Click Export.

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