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Havenly and Home Services FAQ

Is Havenly affordable?

Havenly has two pricing tiers: Havenly Mini (currently $79) is a smaller package that promises “inspiration” to help “spice up your space or refresh a room.” If you’re starting from scratch furnishing a room, you’ll likely choose the Havenly Full package, currently $129.

What software does Havenly use?


The coursework, which takes roughly 10 to 15 hours, trains students to use Photoshop and rendering software Homestyler to create Havenly-style design schemes. (Interestingly, unlike some of its competitors, the company doesn’t have a proprietary in-house rendering tool.)

Why is interior services important?

Interior design helps to uplift our spirits and also helps to effectively optimize the space in our home making the best use of the available space. Interior design plays a very important role in our life today, making our lifestyle more modern and stylish.

What is Havenly com?

Havenly is an online interior design company, intended to make it easy for homeowners and renters to connect with interior designers and decorate their home beautifully. It utilizes 3D image technology to visualize each room, along with partnerships with some of the largest furniture and decor companies.

What does Havenly Mini include?

With Mini, you can get any room refreshed in as little as one week. After you fill out a fun style quiz, you will pick your favorite designer and provide more details about your space. Your designer will then create two concept boards designed with your personal taste in mind.

How do I choose a Havenly designer?

You can choose “Thrifty,” “High-End” or a mix of pieces. After your questionnaire, Havenly will recommend one of its designers who specializes in your style. “They picked Madison for me because she specializes in Midcentury Modern and is a 98% match for my style,” says Beth.

Why you should hire an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer is very beneficial for homeowners. They have plenty of ideas and designs that make your home or office look spacious as well as elegant in every way. They also save money and works according to your choice and completes work at the right time.

What is the most important thing in interior design?

Space. While all seven elements on this list are indispensable components of interior design, space is perhaps the most important to get right. After all, interior design is about the design of interior spaces.

What is the main purpose of interior design?

An interior designer is responsible for the layout of the internal space in a building or structure. The design impacts on the wellbeing, safety and function of the interior performance of a space. An interior space could be a fixed building or a moving structure such as boat or aeroplane.

Do Havenly designers get commission?

How do designers get paid, and how much? Rather than a flat or hourly fee, it’s a mix: Designers are paid a combination of a per-project fee, commission, and bonus/incentives based on performance. Havenly says that its highest-performing, busiest designers can make up to $7,500 per month.

Where is Havenly based?

Denver, Colorado

Havenly is located in Denver, Colorado, United States .

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