Why use Helpspot

Helpspot and Customer Support FAQ

What is help spot?

HelpSpot can handle everything from your basic help@ email account to hundreds of mailboxes across an entire organization. Explore The Shared Inbox. “HelpSpot is the best help desk software platform I’ve used in my 15 years in the industry.”

What is jitbit com?

Jitbit IT ticketing system helps manage IT service requests, track your organization’s assets (servers, computers and other hardware), organize users into departments and assign different IT specialists to different parts of your IT infrastructure. hosted version on-premise version.

How do you use SPOT?

Quote from Youtube: To send a check okay our custom message simply power spot on by pressing and holding the on-off button until it blinks green press. And hold the check okay or custom message button approximately.

How do I track a SPOT device?

USING THE TRACKING FUNCTION Press and hold the Track button until the function light blinks green. The GPS light will blink green when SPOT sees the GPS satellites and will continue blinking while obtaining your GPS location.

What is the difference between SPOT Gen3 and Gen4?

The Gen4 is the newest model in a long line of satellite messaging tech from SPOT. In terms of functionality, it’s virtually identical to its predecessor, the Gen3. They both offer GPS tracking and outgoing satellite messaging. But the Gen4 marks SPOT’s first upgrade to the line since 2013.

How do I set up a SPOT account?

To activate your new SPOT device, please visit www.findmespot.com and select ACTIVATE YOUR SPOT. On the activation page you will have the option to create a new account (for new SPOT users) or you may login to your existing SPOT account.

What network does SPOT use?

the Globalstar satellite network

SPOT is a GPS tracking device that uses the Globalstar satellite network to provide text messaging and GPS tracking (depending on the subscription type purchased).

How does SPOT trace work?

SPOT Trace is designed to only send track messages when it detects movement. When it is stationary for more than five minutes, Trace will enter Suspended Track mode. It will automatically send one more track message from the resting location as part of the suspension process.

How does SPOT messaging work?

It contains a GPS receiver and internal antenna and transmitter. The SPOT enables users to send its GPS location and a preconfigured message using the Globalstar satellite system’s simplex data network to designated recipients. Recipients will receive an e-mail message and/or a text message on a mobile phone.

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