Why use HotelOgix

HotelOgix and Vacation Rental FAQ

What is the use of hotelogix?

Hotelogix is a unique, cloud-based, end-to-end, hospitality technology solution, built to seamlessly manage hotels, resorts, serviced apartments or multi-location hotel chains, by providing a single window to manage all hotel operations and bookings (online and offline).

What special feature of hotelogix is different from other hotel launchers?

Key benefits of using Hotelogix
Connects your hotel to OTAs like Booking.com, Expedia, Orbitz, Agoda and more. Helps you manage bookings from all the channels, centrally. Updates real-time room availability across all channels. Eliminates double bookings and increases your room sales.

How much is hotelogix?

Hotelogix Pricing

Name Price
Freemium $0Per Room Per Month
Premium $3.99Per Room Per Month
Enterprise $5.99Per room/per month

Why is hotelogix considered as a Property Management System?

a property management system, which organizes reservations, streamlines housekeeping management, and Gifts the front desk the tools they need to manage the day-to-day operations. a booking engine, to power your hotel’s direct booking efforts.

What is the best hotel management software?

10 best hotel management system software

  • Cloudbeds.
  • eZee Absolute.
  • StayNTouch.
  • WebRezPro.
  • Little Hotelier.
  • innRoad.
  • Hotel Connect.
  • Hotelogix.

What is hotelogix and type of PMS?

Hotelogix is a robust cloud-based hotel PMS, that offers next-gen capabilities needed by hotels to simplify reservations, improve operating efficiency and enhance the guest experience.

What are the advantages of PMS?

The number one benefit of using a PMS is saving time. One of the biggest problems hoteliers face is being time-poor. With a PMS, you’ll reduce time spent on admin, increase time available for backlogged tasks, and most importantly, free up time for yourself.

Why you need a PMS?

The most important benefit of a PMS is that it helps hotels to seamlessly manage guest reservations. An ideal PMS should allow a hotel to centralize all guest bookings in one place whether they are coming from third party channels. Brand.com or direct walk-ins.

Why is PMS required?

A good property management system will allow hotel staff to do away with paperwork and perform important tasks more efficiently. Additionally, a PMS system can help to reduce room vacancies and double-bookings.

What are the advantages of PMS in Hospitality Industry?

A hotel PMS solution helps hotel staff perform tasks and processes, such as check-in/out, guest requests, housekeeping status, room maintenance, bookings, billing option with ease.

How does a PMS help provide hospitality to guests?

A property management system (PMS) automates a number of daily tasks that are usually carried out by employees, such as night auditing, reservation organization, and so on. By saving the staff from having to attend to these back-end processes, they can concentrate on real hospitality – looking after the guests.

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