Why use Jama Connect

Why use Jama Connect?

Jama Connect’s Requirements Management Enables Live Traceability™ Across Your Development Process. Bridge engineering silos across development, test, and risk activities. Provide end-to-end compliance, risk mitigation, and process improvement with our intuitive, award-winning requirements management platform.

Jama Connect and Requirements Management FAQ

Why is Jama used?

Jama is software for better, faster requirements definition, management, verification and validation, from inception to production. Systems engineering teams developing life and economy-critical products use Jama to innovate against the constraints of highly complex environments and release with confidence.

What is Jama connect?

Jama Connect allows teams to create catalogs of reusable versions and sets of requirements. With versioning, baselining, and change management of the requirements in place, teams are able to improve reuse, reduce design inconsistencies, and reduce the discrepancies found during testing, verification and validation.

What are the benefits of requirements management?

Benefits of requirements management

  • Lower cost of development across the lifecycle.
  • Fewer defects.
  • Minimized risk for safety-critical products.
  • Faster delivery.
  • Reusability.
  • Traceability.
  • Requirements being tied to test cases.
  • Global configuration management.

What is the difference between Jira and Jama?

Jama is mostly designed for requirement gathering, but that can be possible using JIRA if we add only approval type of plugin for special requirement types. Jama’s performance and features do not improve on a periodic basis i.e. with each release.

Who uses Jama?

Visionary organizations worldwide, including Panasonic, Boston Scientific, Lyft, Deloitte, and Alight use Jama to accelerate their R&D returns, out-innovate their competition and deliver business value.

What are the primary purposes of the requirements management process?

The purpose of the Requirements Management Process is to maintain traceability of all requirements from their origins; to document changes to them and to record the rationale for requirements changes.

What are the 5 five key benefits of requirements modeling?

5 Key Benefits of Requirements Modeling

Easy to create simulations. Able to automatically generate documents. Can automatically conduct tests. Allows for easy integration into development and test tools.
Aug 17, 2020

What is effective requirements management?

It includes processes in planning, gathering, defining, refining, organizing, documenting, testing requirements, verifying that requirements are being met, and tracking and controlling requirement changes.

Is Jama an Atlassian tool?

That’s why Jama Software offers a host of integrations to enhance and strengthen development workflows. One of the most popular being our integration with Atlassian® Jira®. Using Jama Connect to manage requirements and Jira to monitor tasks separately is a viable solution for many product companies.
Oct 15, 2019

How does Jira integrate with Jama?

Quote from Youtube: Process often JIRA is a critical solution in their development process as well making the Jama connect for JIRA integration one of our most widely used integrations.

How do I manage requirements in Jira?

How to Manage Requirements in Jira

  1. Create a Jira Issue Type For Requirements. This will be your requirements document. …
  2. Use Sub-Tasks to Add and Manage Requirements. This is how you’ll add and modify requirements throughout development.
  3. Link Jira Issues. Jira allows you to link issues. …
  4. Mark Requirements as Done.

Jun 19, 2018

How much does JAMA software cost?

Jama Connect pricing starts at $50 per user (one time). Jama Connect is offered as freeware.
Aug 30, 2020

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