Why use Keka

What is Keka

Keka is India’s most desired HR & Payroll software. Keka’s HR Payroll software help organizations create the best employee experience EVER! check for a free trial.

Keka is Modern generation HR & Payroll software. Unlike traditional software it is an interactive and intuitive software which focuses on explicitly on user experience and simplifying complex workflows.
Keka is an intuitive and interactive HR & Payroll solution. The following are the problem it solves:
– It helps in carrying out the Payroll of an organization.
– It helps in tracking the Leaves and Attendance of employees in an organization.
– It helps in managing project by providing a robust Timesheet solution.
– It helps in managing and supervising the performance of a company’s employees by its Performance Management system
– It helps in tracking applicants for an HR by providing an intelligent ATS(applicant tracking system)

Why use Keka?

Keka HR helps your teams to adapt, evolve, and scale by working more effectively. Spend less time on mundane tasks and focus more on strategy. Turn data into smarter decisions and create experiences your employees will love.

Keka and HR Tools FAQ

What is the main purpose of Keka?

Keka is a SaaS employee experience platform that combines HR, payroll, ATS and performance management in a single suite of tools. It simplifies common tasks and allows organizations to seamlessly manage human resources processes. Mobile apps for iOS and Android provide users with on-the-go capabilities.

How good is Keka?

Best HR Software For All Enterprises
We are using the keka from around 2 years and found the overall experience is good. It can be used by the even small organisation and startups. It allows us to login attendance even when you were outside of the office for the meeting purpose.

How do you use Keka for attendance?

Once web clock-in has been enabled for employees, employees can mark their attendance using Web clock-in in following 2 ways: From Dashboard: Employee can see ‘Web Clock-in’ option under ‘Attendance’ section on their dashboard. Employees can click on this button to do the web clock-in and clock-out (once clocked-in).

What are the products of Keka?

Features Included:

  • HRMS.
  • India Payroll.
  • Payroll Administration.
  • Payroll Compliance.
  • Loans and Salary Advances.
  • Employee Portal (Self Service)
  • Leave Management.
  • Employee Onboarding & Exit.

Is Keka a cloud-based software?

Keka is a cloud-based human resource (HR) software designed to help organizations across retail, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking, and various other sectors manage employee details, payroll, expenses, and performance on a unified platform.

What type of company is Keka?

Product made with love and passion to solve the real pain points of the HR world. Keka is a simple and intuitive HR software, unlike traditional HR systems.

Keka HR
Type Public / Private
Industry Human Resource
Founded 2015
Slogan Employee Experience Platform

Does KEKA track your location?

Keka’s GPS and mobile attendance management software is fully integrated with biometric attendance and shift management. This feature is one of a kind in the Indian market and tracks an employee’s location through their smartphone.

What is regularize in KEKA?

Attendance Regularization is the feature that enables employees to correct their own attendance. When working from the office the employee can use an attendance device to punch in or out. But when working from home, the employees can use the attendance Regularization option to apply for “Work from home”.

What is attendance Regularization?

Attendance Regularization is an option given to employees to raise a request and rectify their incorrect attendance entries.

Is Keka product based company?

Keka Technologies is a company that develops cloud-based HR and payroll software. It offers people data and analytics, payroll and expense tracking, performance and culture, hiring and onboarding, time and attendance, as well as project timesheet products.

When did Keka start?

Started in 2015, Keka’s first product was an HR software to track employees’ attendance through biometric scans, which wasn’t available back then. After 1.5 years in development, Keka finally launched its first product in 2016.

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