Why use Keymetrics

Keymetrics and Log Management FAQ

Why are logs needed?

Logs are also useful to detect common mistakes users make, as well as for security purposes. Writing good logs about a user’s activity can alert us about malicious activity. It is important that logs can provide accurate context about what the user was doing when a specific error happened.

What is log file management?

Log management is the practice of continuously gathering, storing, processing, synthesizing and analyzing data from disparate programs and applications in order to optimize system performance, identify technical issues, better manage resources, strengthen security and improve compliance.

Is PM2 good for production?

There are many process managers out there, most notably Forever, StrongLoop’s Process Manager, and good ol’ SystemD. And then there is PM2, with over 60 million downloads and 25k GitHub stars (and rising!). We like PM2 because simply put, it’s easy to use and makes managing a production environment seamless.

How do I monitor PM2 process?

Monitoring Nodejs Application Using PM2 Terminal
To view logs of an app, first select it (use up/down arrows) from the process list. The terminal-based monitoring only works well for applications running on a single server. To monitor and diagnose cross-server applications, use the PM2 web-based dashboard.

Why should organizations want to manage logs?

There are many benefits to properly analyzing your logs. Your organization can increase revenue, reduce expenses, better manage employees, respond to incidents and even keep yourself out of legal hot water.

Why is log management important for security?

From a security point of view, the purpose of a log is to act as a red flag when something bad is happening. Reviewing logs regularly could help identify malicious attacks on your system. Given the large of amount of log data generated by systems, it is impractical to review all of these logs manually each day.

Why do we use pm2?

PM2 enables you to keep applications alive forever, reloads them without downtime, helps you to manage application logging, monitoring, and clustering.

What is difference between pm2 and forever?

forever and PM2 can be primarily classified as “Node. js Process Manager” tools. forever and PM2 are both open source tools. It seems that PM2 with 30K GitHub stars and 2K forks on GitHub has more adoption than forever with 12.5K GitHub stars and 906 GitHub forks.

Should I use pm2 with Docker?

you may not be in favour of using pm2 inside Docker but sometimes the application requirements are different and you may need to run two nodejs application in one docker container, so in case if you want to run frontend and backend application in the same container then in the case pm2 work well then other workarounds.

Where are pm2 logs stored?

By default, all logs are saved into $HOME/. pm2/logs .

How do I check pm2 logs?

Type pm2 log in a shell and you get an overview of the last 15 log lines and the last 15 error lines in realtime. At the top of these log lines, the location of your logfile is shown. You can also type pm2 log –lines 1000 to show more lines, in this case 1000.

What is fork mode in pm2?

Take the fork mode as a basic process spawning. This allows to change the exec_interpreter , so that you can run a php or a python server with pm2. Yes, the exec_interpreter is the “command” used to start the child process.

How do I stop pm2 logs?

You can pass /dev/null to error_file or out_file to disable logs saving.

Does pm2 use all cores?

pm2 doesn’t run with multiple cores · Issue #1929 · Unitech/pm2 · GitHub.

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