Why use Kissflow

Why use Kissflow?

Kissflow Workflow is a workflow automation software that fits all processes that need rule-based workflows. It has a simple intuitive interface that lets anyone build and automate their workflows easily. You can customize your process according to your needs and run seamless workflows.

Kissflow and Automation FAQ

Why Kissflow is used?

Kissflow is a cloud-based forms automation solution offered by OrangeScape Technologies that automate business processes and tracks performance. It is suitable for business of all sizes and industries. Kissflow helps initiate process requests, view items that require user actions and approve pending tasks.

Why Kissflow is the best?

Easy to use BPM Software

It is an easy to design, deploy and use Business Process Management with low code. We have been able to digitize most of our business process using kissflow and our approval process have been faster thereby reducing our cost of running business.

What is Kissflow process?

Kissflow Process is a cloud-based business process management software that is designed to boost productivity. The features are designed for seamless processes in your workforce environment.

Why is workflow automation important?

Workflow automation speeds incident response, making the process more efficient. Human resources. Automation facilitates various HR processes, such as time sheet approvals, onboarding and offboarding employees and managing personnel changes.

Who uses Kissflow?

Current KiSSFLOW customers are spread out over 121 countries. Some examples of enterprise customers are Dominos, Royal Caribbean, Office Depot, Sysco, Vonage, PepsiCo, and Michelin.

Is Kissflow open source?

Kissflow is a great option if you fall into these categories: You want to keep costs down, but you don’t want to mess with customizing an open source tool.

How do you make a workflow on Kissflow?

Quote from Youtube: Let's start with a very basic workflow. First you choose who can start your app the default setting is all users which means anyone who is user on your system.

Is Kissflow a product based company?

CHENNAI: Kissflow, a digital product of Chennai-based SaaS firm OrangeScape, has reinvented itself into a Platform-as-a-Service tool to enter the digital workplace segment.

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