Why use KISSinsights

Why use KISSinsights?

The customer feedback tool lets you create surveys and helps create user tests. It enables testers to record videos, capture screens, and enable users to share experiences via audio comments on the product. Choose it for: Real-time reporting, feedback management, sentiment analysis.

KISSinsights and Customer Feedback FAQ

Why is it important to use customer feedback?

Customer feedback is essential to guide and inform your decision making and influence innovations and changes to your product or service. It’s also essential for measuring customer satisfaction among your current customers. Getting a handle on how customers view your product, support, and the company is invaluable.

What is feedback app used for?

Customer Feedback app for Android has become more Efficient
Create a clean, minimal & beautiful survey form on your Android that your customers will love filling out. It comes with tons of sophisticated features at a functional level. Customize surveys, run them on Kiosks to implement a super-effective survey process.

Why are customer feedback surveys beneficial?

Feedback. The information from a customer satisfaction survey provides your company with valuable feedback on the issues that are important to your customer. You can design surveys to find out how well your products meet customers’ needs or how satisfied they are with different aspects of the service you offer.

Why is customer feedback important to company business?

Customer feedback is the information, insights, issues, and input shared by your community about their experiences with your company, product, or services. This feedback guides improvements of the customer experience and can empower positive change in any business — even (and especially) when it’s negative.

How can customer feedback improve performance?

Here are a few ways you can collect and use feedback:

  1. Create free surveys and polls using services like Smart Survey.
  2. Emailing clients and customers to ask for testimonials and reviews.
  3. Enabling reviews on your website.
  4. Gathering them from/asking for them on social media.
  5. Speak to customers face-to-face.
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