Why use Leadspace

Why use Leadspace?

Leadspace offers lead scoring and data enrichment in a single platform, and connects directly to your marketing automation platform. These powerful tools work together to reduce the amount of manual lead enrichment you have to manage and increase your segmentation abilities.

Leadspace and Lead Generation FAQ

What does Leadspace do?

Leadspace is the leading Customer Data Platform for B2B. Join leading B2B companies who have worked with Leadspace to take back control of their marketing and sales data.

What does a customer data platform do?

A customer data platform (CDP) is designed for marketing. It collects and unifies first-party customer data from multiple sources to build a single, coherent, complete view of each customer. It then makes that data available to marketers to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

What is a data enrichment tool?

Data enrichment tools are applications designed to merge data from an existing database with third-party data. This allows companies to gain deeper insights into their records, for a variety of use cases such as targeted marketing, lead scoring, data compliance, or fraud prevention.

What is SalesIntel?

SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data with highest number of direct dials and human-verified contacts in the industry. SalesIntel is your resource for contact and business intelligence.

Is Leadspace a CDP?

The Leadspace CDP is a comprehensive platform purpose-built for B2B, and recognized as a leader by Forrester (Forrester New Wave: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q2, 2019).

Why do we need data enrichment?

Data enrichment improves customer experience

They expect companies to know them, anticipate their needs, and be relevant. Data enrichment enhances customer experiences by providing unique information on customers. Your business can anticipate customer needs and remain relevant through personalized marketing.

What is lead enrichment?

Lead enrichment is the process of finding and adding information, such as company and contact data, to a lead record to speed up your qualification and routing processes.

What is an example of data enrichment?

For example, when a user enters a company email into a form, and it just so happens that someone else from that same company interacted with that form earlier, data enrichment allows you to personalize content for that user based on the information you already gathered on that company.

When was Salesintel founded?


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