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LinkTiger and Automated Testing FAQ

Why should you use automated testing?

Automated Testing Saves Time and Money
Manually repeating these tests is costly and time consuming. Once created, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost and they are much faster than manual tests. Automated software testing can reduce the time to run repetitive tests from days to hours.

When should you use automated testing?

Automatic testing is required when you want to run the same test cases across multiple machines at the same time. Automation testing is also a good way to avoid human error in your testing. With automation, you can be sure that all tests are exactly the same, with humans you are allowing your simple error.”

What are the benefits of automation?

Benefits of Automation

  • Lower operating costs. …
  • Improved worker safety. …
  • Reduced factory lead times. …
  • Faster ROI. …
  • Ability to be more competitive. …
  • Increased production output. …
  • Consistent and improved part production and quality. …
  • Smaller environmental footprint.

Why do we need to automate?

Automation reduces time, effort and cost, whilst reducing manual errors, giving your business more time to focus on your primary objectives. Repetitive tasks can be completed faster. Automating processes ensures high quality results as each task is performed identically, without human error.

What are the advantages and limitations of automation?

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation

Advantages Disadvantages
Increased productivity Needs large capital expenditure
More efficient use of materials Can become redundant
Better product quality Could introduce new safety hazards
Improved safety Still requires human intervention

What are the advantages and disadvantages of test automation?

In addition, automated testing saves you time because you don’t need to test the same functionality manually repeatedly. The main disadvantages of automated testing are that they usually cost more money in software, take a lot of effort to implement for the first time, and need a lot of maintenance.

What should I automate in testing?

Decide What Test Cases to Automate

  1. Repetitive tests that run for multiple builds.
  2. Tests that tend to cause human error.
  3. Tests that require multiple data sets.
  4. Frequently used functionality that introduces high risk conditions.
  5. Tests that are impossible to perform manually.

When should you not automate testing?

Tests that should not be automated:

  • User experience tests for usability (tests that require a user to respond as to how easy the app is to use).
  • Tests that you will only run one time. …
  • Test that needs to run ASAP.
  • Tests that require ad hoc/random testing based on domain knowledge/expertise.

What are the two approaches of test automation?

The automated test takes two general approaches, namely:

  • Code-driven Testing.
  • Graphical user interface testing.

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