Why use Loopio

Why use Loopio?

About Loopio It allows users to respond to RFPs by importing requirements within the solution, searching questions in the database and assigning them to subject matter experts (SMEs) if needed. Security teams can fill up questionnaires using the content library and users can also create customized sales proposals.

Loopio and Sales Tools FAQ

What is Loopio used for?

Loopio is the leading RFP Response Management software that helps businesses supercharge and scale their response process for RFPs, RFIs, Security Questionnaires, and more.

What is RFP software?

In a nutshell, a Request for Proposal (RFP) software is a computer program that lets you manage your proposals. If you’re a service provider or a vendor, you’ll use RFP software to respond to RFPs and track proposals. Conversely, as a buyer, RFP software makes it easy for you to request RFPs and respond to them.

When was Loopio founded?


The startup was founded in 2014 by Hemraj, CTO Matt York, and board member Jafar Owainati.

How do I use Rfpio?

Quote from Youtube: Questions with no messy templates or manual entry simply and securely assign questions to anyone inside or outside your organization.

Is Loopio a startup?

About us. Loopio is a Toronto-based RFP response software provider that helps companies streamline their process for RFPs, DDQs, and Security Questionnaires. With Loopio, teams can respond faster, improve response quality, and win more business. Loopio is one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech startups.

Who owns Loopio?

Loopio’s three co-founders (L-R): Matt York, Jafar Owainati, and Zak Hemraj.

What is RFP in business?

A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that an organization, often a government agency or large enterprise, posts to elicit a response — a formal bid — from potential vendors for a desired IT solution.

Is Rfpio a good company?

Is RFPIO a good company to work for? RFPIO has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on over 85 reviews left anonymously by employees. 74% of employees would recommend working at RFPIO to a friend and 80% have a positive outlook for the business.

What is RFP and DDQ?

As an RFP Writer you will be responsible for preparing proposals and other documents for our asset management clients on their investment products and services. Responds to request for proposals and due diligence questionnaires for Mutual Funds and Separately Managed Accounts across Active and Passive asset class.

Who owns the RFP process?

Many RFP processes are either owned by a dedicated proposal team or by an individual (45%). If there’s no dedicated role in your organization, sales teams are a natural fit. Next to proposal managers, they are the second-largest group of owners, with 17% of sales respondents reporting responsibility for managing RFPs.

What makes a good RFP?

RFPs must explain the bidding process and contract terms while providing clear guidance on how proposals should be presented. The RFP should detail the nature of the project or need, including a clear account of how the bids will be evaluated—the criteria for evaluation and the method for grading proposals.

What is the value behind awarding an RFP?

What is the value behind awarding an RFP? – Awarding sends your money through an encrypted channel. – Awarding notifies the winner so they can start writing a contract.

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