Why use MIDAS

What is MIDAS

MIDAS is a web based Room Booking & Resource Scheduling Software system. Available to download & run on your server or as an online hosted cloud application

MIDAS is an easy to use yet powerful room booking system giving you complete control over your room bookings and resource scheduling, and trusted by organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world.

Simply accessed through your favorite web browser, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, the software lets you see at a glance when your room bookings are scheduled in the calendar. The system also allows you to schedule staffing and equipment, send booking confirmations, reminders and invoices to clients, take bookings or booking requests through your public website, and put an end to double bookings and confusion once and for all!

As all you need is a modern web browser, your MIDAS booking system is readily available wherever you are! – Whether at the office, at home, or on the move – the information in your room booking system is right there at your fingertips!

MIDAS room booking software is available as either a cloud hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, or as a self-hosted “on-premises” solution where it may be downloaded, installed, and run from your own server.

We also offer a FREE 30-day no-risk trial!

Why use MIDAS?

MIDAS (https://mid.as) is an easy to use yet powerful room booking system giving you complete control over your room bookings and resource scheduling, and trusted by organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world.

MIDAS and Meeting Room Booking Software FAQ

What is MIDAS software?

MIDAS is a cloud-based room booking and resource scheduling solution suitable for small and midsize businesses. MIDAS allows users to manage staffing and equipment, send confirmations and invoices and take booking requests. It is designed to work on desktop and mobile devices.

What is a meeting room booking system?

Meeting room booking systems provide simple tools for reserving conference rooms and other spaces or resources within an office or shared workplace.

How do I choose a booking software?

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of top things to consider in your search:

  1. How much does the booking system cost?
  2. Is it built for my type of business?
  3. Will I get easy access to support?
  4. Can I configure everything on my own?
  5. Is it user-friendly for both guests and staff?
  6. What are the extra features included?

What is Midas database?

Abstract. The Molecular Interactive Display and Simulation (MIDAS) database system is a hierarchical database specifically designed for complex macromolecular models, such as proteins and nucleic acids.

What is the full form of Midas?

MIDAS – Modular Interactive Data Acquisition System.

What makes a good booking system?

A user-friendly date selection system
Make it as easy as possible for users to identify and select their preferred date and time. Many online booking systems utilise a month-by-month calendar layout, which is great because it’s a format with which most people are familiar.

What benefits should you expect from a booking system?

An online booking system works all the time. This gives freedom to potential visitors to book a room anytime they want. It also maximises your sales because you are not limited to your working hours. In fact, studies show that a 24/7 online reservation system greatly increases the number of hotel bookings.

What are the advantages of online booking systems?

Advantages of Online Booking Systems

  • Your business is open around the clock. …
  • You can maximize reservations. …
  • You get paid quicker. …
  • You’re not tied to a phone. …
  • You can effortlessly up-sell add-ons. …
  • It’s easy to manage your calendar. …
  • You get valuable insight about your business.

What is Midas reporting?

What is MIDAS? It is a system of anonymous, online/mobile reporting for healthcare workers to report “near misses” and patient safety concerns. It is supposed to collect data regarding such events in an objective fashion. Even in our system notes, it is noted that it can be used to “implement corrective actions”.

What is Midas Statit?

you are a single hospital, ambulatory care center, or a large, integrated delivery system, Midas Statit piMD™ provides a simple, yet powerful way to access, track, analyze, compare, and contrast raw data. This provides insights to help you make objective, sustainable, and defensible decisions.

What is Midas DataVision?

Midas DataVision is a SaaS-based offering that provides access to 30,000-plus indicators to track and analyze clinical utilization and provider practice patterns, evaluate high-risk populations, and meet governing bodies’ regulatory reporting requirements — as well as adhere to disease-specific registries and surveys.

What does Midas stand for in healthcare?

MIDAS stands for Medical Information Data Analysis System.

What is Doc Halo App?

DOC HALO is a secure, web-based application that doctors, nurses, and staff may use to communicate patient-related information. DOC HALO provides encrypted, HIPAA-compliant messaging to keep patient health information secure.

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