Why use MithiSkyConnect

What is MithiSkyConnect

Cloud Email and Collaboration Solution for the Smart Business.

Experience team collaboration like never before with enterprise grade Cloud Email, Instant Messaging, Calendar, Document Collaboration and more. With its near-zero server downtime and a reliable multi-layered security, you can enjoy uninterrupted collaboration all the time.

Key Features:
» Email:Access & send email from the browser, desktop & mobile devices
» Instant Messaging:Chat with your colleagues for informal conversations & quicker problem resolution
» Screen Share:Presentation, Product Demos, Document Reviews with live screen sharing
» Calendar:Create & share calendars, schedule tasks, meetings, events, check free-busy & synchronize Calendar
» Contacts:Create your own address book or search for colleagues & contacts on the shared address book
» Mail Archival:Cloud email archiving with Vaultastic.

» Reliable:Hosted and served off AWS Cloud with 99.99% Availability
» Secure:Integrated Trend Micro Email Security for safer and cleaner mailboxes
» Flexible Plans:Pay only for what you use
» 24×7 Support:For the 24×7 workforce
» Complete Lifecycle Support:Covering every stage of the collaboration infrastructure lifecycle.

Why use MithiSkyConnect?

Collaboration tools enable employees to work together on a project without being in the same location. It helps them communicate effectively and organize projects easily to increase workflow while remote or traveling for business.

MithiSkyConnect and Team Collaboration FAQ

What is the purpose of team collaboration?

Collaboration improves the way your team works together and problem solves. This leads to more innovation, efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication. Through listening to and learning from team members, you can help each other reach your goals.

What are the benefits of using collaboration?

7 reasons why collaboration is important

  • It helps us problem-solve. …
  • Collaboration brings people (and organizations) closer together. …
  • Collaboration helps people learn from each other. …
  • It opens up new channels for communication. …
  • Collaboration boosts morale across your organization. …
  • It leads to higher retention rates.

What is the purpose of using collaborative tools?

A collaboration tool helps people to collaborate. The purpose of a collaboration tool is to support a group of two or more individuals to accomplish a common goal or objective. Collaboration tools can be either of a non-technological nature such as paper, flipcharts, post-it notes or whiteboards.

What are the 3 major purposes of collaborative platforms?

Project updates, monitoring and management; Document sharing (spreadsheets, presentations, text files, etc.); Exchanging information and communication about initiatives in progress.

Which benefits are the result of virtual collaboration?

Virtual collaboration allows businesses to work quicker and more efficiently, eliminates the need to mail documents to additional office locations, and reduces printing costs.

What is the benefits of collaboration and cooperation?

The benefits of cooperative and collaborative learning
Students come to recognise, understand and respect cultural differences and different perspectives. Performance is improved. With collaborative/cooperative methods much more valuable than individualistic ways of building student performance and progression.

How collaboration tools can improve team communication?

Invest in collaboration tools – Collaborative tools allow easier and more efficient communication between team members and managers especially in the climate of remote work and pandemic restrictions. It also brings more clarity to tasks and roles assigned while outlining what each team member is assigned to do.

What is a collaboration application?

One straightforward definition of a collaborative application is: A computer application that allows its users to collaborate with each other.

What are the 4 types of collaboration tools?

Types of Collaboration Tools

  • Calendar sharing tools: The shared calendar facilitates the organization of appointments and meetings without the need to consult all participants. …
  • File sharing tools: …
  • Instant messaging: …
  • Document synchronization: …
  • Cloud storage: …
  • Video-conferencing: …
  • Whiteboards:

How are online collaboration tools used?

Collaboration tools can create a space for them to do so, through direct messaging, video conferencing, forums and online group tasks. Even for learners who are new to online learning, most will have experience of communicating via digital modes in their everyday lives.

How online collaboration tools benefit your business?

Online collaboration tools make it easier to work remotely. Everything is stored in the cloud, so your team can access documents, join meetings, or discuss projects from anywhere. And if you want happier, more productive employees, giving them the option of working remotely is one of the best things you can do.

Why is collaboration important in online learning?

The inclusion of collaborative activities in an online course leads to positive student performance outcomes. Collaborative group interactions facilitate active learning, shared knowledge, and promote social interaction and a supportive eLearning community.

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