Why use Openbravo

What is Openbravo

Global Cloud-based POS and Retail Management software solution vendor for agile and innovative omnichannel retailing. Join us!

Why use Openbravo?

Benefits of Using Openbravo ERP Companies can manage all physical and digital stores through Openbravo ERP, including support for omnichannel point-of-salespoint-of-salesIn 1986, Eugene “Gene” Mosher introduced the first graphical point of sale software featuring a touchscreen interface under the ViewTouch trademark on the 16-bit Atari 520ST color computer.

Openbravo and ERP FAQ

What is the use of Openbravo?

Openbravo currently distributes Openbravo Commerce Cloud, a mobile and cloud omnichannel platform targeting retail and restaurant chains to support its omnichannel operations. The functionality offered by the platform covers both front and back office processes for the integration of all sales channels.

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