Why use OverOps

Why use OverOps?

To manage application complexity fully, you also need exception monitoring. Without exception monitoring, you’ll never stay ahead of the complexity of modern applications. Troubleshooting and optimizing your code is easy with integrated errors, logs and code level performance insights.

OverOps and Exception Monitoring FAQ

What is monitoring by exception?

Exception monitoring is a tooling approach that allows companies to spot issues prior to release without additional effort, and to more quickly address issues that do make it to production. The result is software teams that are more proactive and less reactive.

How do I see exceptions in application insights?

Diagnose exceptions using Visual Studio
Open the Application Insights Search telemetry window in Visual Studio. While debugging, select the Application Insights dropdown. Select an exception report to show its stack trace. To open the relevant code file, select a line reference in the stack trace.

What is Azure monitoring?

Azure Monitor helps you maximize the availability and performance of your applications and services. It delivers a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments.

How do I view application logs in insights?

View logs in Application Insights
Go to Application Insights resource in your resource group. Go to Logs under Monitoring section. Click on traces eye button to get log traces. Select Time Range and click Run.

What is automatic error monitoring?

Exception/Error Monitoring is a process to monitor the log files generated by the applications, events, and services to identify the errors or exceptions occurred in the applications running.

What data does Azure Monitor collects?

Azure Monitor collects data from various sources including logs and metrics from Azure platform and resources, custom applications, and agents running on virtual machines.

What is the importance of monitoring in protecting your Azure resources?

Azure provides several monitoring tools that observe the operations and detect anomalous behavior. These tools can detect threats at different levels and report issues. Addressing the issues early in the operational lifecycle will strengthen your overall security posture.

What can be monitored with Azure Monitor?

It analyzes the performance and health of your Windows and Linux VMs, and monitors their processes and dependencies on other resources and external processes. Azure Virtual Desktop Insights is a dashboard built on Azure Monitor Workbooks that helps IT professionals understand their Azure Virtual Desktop environments.

What is app telemetry?

In short, logging is how you collect data about your app in the lab; instrumenting your app for telemetry, on the other hand, is how you collect data once the app is released into the wild. Telemetry, or tele-metering, is automated remote measurement and data collection.

What is the use of application Insights?

Application Insights is a feature of Azure Monitor that provides extensible application performance management (APM) and monitoring for live web apps. Developers and DevOps professionals can use Application Insights to: Automatically detect performance anomalies. Help diagnose issues by using powerful analytics tools.

What is trace in application insight?

Trace telemetry (in Application Insights) represents printf style trace statements that are text-searched. Log4Net , NLog , and other text-based log file entries are translated into instances of this type. The trace does not have measurements as an extensibility.

What is a trace log listener?

Trace messages are received by listeners. The purpose of a listener is to collect, store, and route tracing messages. Listeners direct the tracing output to an appropriate target, such as a log, window, or text file.

What is instrumentation key in application insights?

Instrumentation Key is the key integration point between your application and the Application Insights. This key is essential for sending the application telemetry data back to azure.

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