Why use PipeCandy

What is PipeCandy

PipeCandy is a market intelligence platform tracking the global eCommerce landscape. Our insights power corporate strategy, marketing, sales and investment decisions.

Why use PipeCandy?

PipeCandy provides segment specific market analysis on D2C brands, data and insights on 10000+ D2C brands, predictive analytics on trending categories and declining ones. PipeCandy has a provision for brands to be introduced to distribution channels where shoppers frequent.

PipeCandy and Predictive Analytics FAQ

Is PipeCandy reliable?

Overall: PipeCandy provided us with relevant leads that tangibly increased both volume & quality of our outbound conversations. Earlier, we used to get only around 10% in terms of response rates, but using PipeCandy’s data, we saw results of upto 5x of that. Strongly recommended.

What is Direct E?

D2C e-commerce is when the manufacturer/producer sells its products/produce directly to consumers from their web store. A more traditional retailer business model goes from the manufacturer/producers > to a wholesaler > to a distributor > to retailers > and then finally to a consumer.

What is Storeleads?

What is Store Leads? The Store Leads database of over 4.5 million active e-commerce stores is ideal for lead generation, market research and data enrichment. Information is updated weekly to ensure that it is always fresh.

How do you store leads?

How to store lead products properly

  1. Store your lead in a clean, dry environment.
  2. Leave it in its packaging until you’re ready to use it.
  3. Use a raised pallet so that the lead is not in contact with the ground.
  4. Don’t stack the pallets – you don’t want to bend the lead beneath.

How do I get ecommerce leads?

The Most Effective Ecommerce Lead Generation Tips and Strategies

  1. Offer value to your audience through great content. …
  2. Optimize your content and sales pages for SEO. …
  3. Create search ads with extensions. …
  4. Offer discounts and other attractive benefits. …
  5. Keep the reader on the site. …
  6. Avail yourself of cookies and push notifications.

How do you get leads on Shopify?

Lead Generation for Shopify Websites

  1. Make the Site Professional and Easy to Navigate. Shopify websites aren’t all created equal. …
  2. Informative Content Builds Trust. The key to lead generation is consistency. …
  3. Blog Articles. We can’t stress enough how important blog articles are for lead generation. …
  4. Email Strategy. …
  5. Get Social.

How do I get an ecommerce client?

How To Find E-Commerce Clients

  1. Great products (innovative, high quality, correct price point etc)
  2. Good brand (website, social media, web presence etc)
  3. Lot’s of great reviews (Google, Facebook, Instagram Comments, Trustpilot, Amazon etc)

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