Why use Procurify

What is Procurify

Reinvent the way organizations spend to make the purchasing process more accessible, manageable and convenient.

Procurify enables maturing companies to be proactive about managing their spend culture by providing a combination of accessible data, convenient process and manageable controls.

Procurify is the go-to spend management solution for mid-sized companies. Across the world, hundreds of companies use Procurify to track, control and analyze their spending. With its comprehensive workflow and user-friendly interface, Purchasing, Procurement, and Finance teams have been able to implement Procurify across departments and teams, to create a better Spend Culture. Get set up in as little as two weeks and let us help you transform your procurement process.

Why use Procurify?

An organization focused on proactive spend management needs more than just accounting software or an ERP. Procurify is a management solution that can help speed up your month-end closing. A convenient approval process removes frustrating data entry to help drive process compliance before any spending happens.

Procurify and Accounting FAQ

Is Procurify an erp?

We don’t have an ERP so Procurify comes in very handy.

Is Procurify cloud-based?

About Procurify
Procurify is a cloud-based procurement solution that helps businesses track, control and manage spend.

Does Procurify integrate with Xero?

Procurify integrates with ERP systems such as Netsuite, Quickbooks, Dynamics, Sage and Xero.

Who owns Procurify?

Aman Mann

Procurify was developed to streamline purchases, give spending reports and visibility throughout the purchasing process. Procurify is a real-time and cloud-based procurement software solution company founded by Aman Mann, Kenneth Loi, and Eugene Dong in September of 2012.

What is term procurement?

Procurement is the process of purchasing goods or services and is usually in reference to business spending. Business procurement requires preparation, solicitation, and payment processing, which usually involves several areas of a company.

What is the best PO system?

The 5 Best Purchase Order Software

  • Quickbooks – Best purchase order software for Quickbooks users.
  • Coupa Procurement – Most flexible purchase order software.
  • Procurify – Best purchase order software for customization.
  • Xero – Best price for purchase order software.
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