Why use RightSignature

Why use RightSignature?

RightSignature and eSignature FAQ

Is RightSignature secure?

Solution. What kind of security technology do you use? Utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption by DigiCert and the world-class server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), RightSignature ensures the absolute privacy of our users’ data.

How do you use RightSignature?


  1. Sign In to your RightSignature account with your ShareFile credentials: https://rightsignature.com/
  2. To send a document from your computer, click Start Document and then select Send for Signature.
  3. Click Choose From Computer or use Other Sources to upload a file from your computer or an external application.

Why is it important to have a signature?

A signature conveys: The identity of the parties entering into a contract. The definite acceptance of the contract by the parties themselves. The applicability of the terms and conditions of the contract with the parties.

What is the purpose of a signature on a document?

A signature links a person to a document (or transaction) and typically provides evidence of that person’s intent to approve or to be legally bound by its contents. The primary function of a signature is to provide evidence of the signatory’s: identity. intent to sign.

Is RightSignature the same as DocuSign?

Both RightSignature and DocuSign are focused on attaching digital signatures to electronic documents. While the end result is the same, each company has its own process to make it across the finish line. Most importantly, some features are priced at lower tiers for one company than they are for another.

Does RightSignature have an app?

RightSignature electronic signatures give you the power to obtain legally binding signatures on documents entirely online — more quickly and securely than executing paper documents. RightSignature requires no software to download or install, and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

Does your signature matter?

The way you sign your name says more about your personality than you’d think. You might think of it as little more than a line of ink, but a signature can actually reveal a whole lot about the person writing it.

What are rules of signature?

As long as it adequately records the intent of the parties involved in a contractual agreement, it’s considered a valid signature. Usually this mark is made by a pen, but not necessarily. The signature can be made by anything that marks the paper.

What is the difference between a signature and a legal signature?

Regardless of what the signature looks like—whether it’s written neatly, scribbled, or typed—it’s proof that conditions have been considered and accepted. As long as a signature is representative of who a person is and their intent, any kind of mark is considered legal.

Does your signature have to be your legal name?

The signature should be a clear and distinct mark that demonstrates the person’s legal intent to contract. Does a signature have to be your full name? No. A signature is any mark that someone makes on a document.

Can I just change my signature?

A person is free to change a signature, and most people do alter the way they write their names between childhood and adulthood. But since there is no “legal signature,” you don’t need to know how to change your signature legally.

Can a person have 2 signatures?

Although Kumaraswamy says it is illegal for one individual to have two or more signature styles, legal experts say there is no specific law in India barring two different styles of signatures by one individual.

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