Why use Sensu

What is Sensu

Monitor servers, services, application health, and business KPIs. Get notified about failures before your users do. Collect and analyze custom metrics. Give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

Sensu and Log Management FAQ

Why use sensu?

Sensu enables organizations to avoid costly delays in cloud migrations and other digital transformation initiatives with innovative solutions like on-demand distribution of traditional monitoring plugins in cloud-native environments.

What is sensu tool?

Sensu is a free and open source monitoring that handles cloud environments. Sensu allows you to monitor servers services application health and business KPIs. Collect and analyze custom metrics and get notified about failures before your users do.

What is sensu agent?

The Sensu agent is a lightweight client that runs on the infrastructure components you want to monitor. Agents register with the Sensu backend as entities with type: “agent” . Agent entities are responsible for creating check and metrics events to send to the backend event pipeline.

How do I check sensu logs?

log , C:\ProgramData\sensu\log\sensu-agent. log on standard Windows installations). For more information about managing the Sensu agent for Windows, read the agent reference. You can also view agent events using the Windows Event Viewer, under Windows Logs, as events with source SensuAgent.

What is the meaning of Sensu?

in the sense of :

Definition of sensu
: in the sense of : as understood or defined by —used especially in technical taxonomic references Cortinarius claricolor sensu Ricken.

What is sensu in Japan?

The sensu or ōgi (folding fan) is an implement used to fan wind.It has been used in Japan by the nobility and monks as an accessory and a ceremonial item since the Heian period.

What is sensu API?

The Sensu backend REST API provides a centrally managed control plane for automated, repeatable monitoring and observability workflow configuration and observation event data access.

What is sensu asset?

Dynamic runtime assets are shareable, reusable packages that make it easier to deploy Sensu plugins. You can use dynamic runtime assets to provide the plugins, libraries, and runtimes you need to automate your monitoring workflows.

What is sensu backend?

The Sensu backend is a service that manages check requests and observability data.

What is a process log level?

A log level or log severity is a piece of information telling how important a given log message is. It is a simple, yet very powerful way of distinguishing log events from each other. If the log levels are used properly in your application all you need is to look at the severity first.

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