Why use SetHero

Why use SetHero?

The application includes a heavy focus on marketing your event, which makes it great for concerts or fundraisers. Event planners can find everything they need to streamline task completion and team collaboration.

SetHero and Event Planning FAQ

What is a benefit of the event app?

Event apps allow you to ask questions to attendees in real time, making it a cost-effective, precise method of collecting data before and after events. The survey feature on the apps also helps you measure satisfaction and engagements delivered to the attendee during and after your events.

What is the purpose of event planning?

Event planners’ goals are to design and execute memorable events that fulfill their clients’ and attendees’ wishes.

What are the benefits of event planning?

7 Key Benefits Of Hiring An Event Planner For Your Wedding

  • An Event Planner Will Save You Time And Headaches. …
  • An Event Planner Will Help You Bring Your Vision To Life. …
  • Industry Expertise And Fostered Relationships. …
  • Organization And Details. …
  • Budgeting For Your Wedding. …
  • Timeliness And Flexibility.

Why do we need event organizers?

Choosing to work with a professional event planner or engage an event management company can not only save you time and money, but can ensure you meet all your key objectives. They can ensure your event is on brand. They can implement a clever social media strategy for before, during and after the event.

How can mobile apps improve the experience of attending an event?

Mobile apps can make many tasks much easier. You can eliminate hard copy invitations and event schedules, for example. Your attendees can get updates, announcements and other information through a mobile device. This makes attending your meeting, and networking with you or other attendees, easier and more meaningful.

Why is it important to implement mobile app based event and meeting marketing?

Interaction and Engagement
An active and engaged audience translates in to higher quality meetings, better feedback and a stronger connection with your corporate brand. Clients are now interacting with their suppliers through their mobile devices, so events are a perfect place to drive mobile engagement.

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