Why use ShipStation

Why use ShipStation?

ShipStation automatically brings in orders from all of your sales channels, giving you more time to spend growing your business. Plus, ShipStation can connect you to even more customers through our growing list of over 100 different stores, shopping carts and marketplaces – more than any other shipping application.

ShipStation and eCommerce Tools FAQ

Why should I use ShipStation?

ShipStation provides integrations with multiple carriers to save you from logistical nightmares. It helps you manage order fulfillment, print labels and track your packages. You connect to your preferred carrier account and do all the business shipping directly from the app.

What is ecommerce ShipStation?

ShipStation is a web-based shipping software trusted by tens of thousands of ecommerce merchants. ShipStation is a web-based ecommerce shipping platform that will streamline and automate your fulfillment process.

What is the difference between ShipStation and Shopify?

ShipStation Benefits

While Shopify offers this great internal tool for native orders, a scalable shipping solution works better if it’s a standalone platform that integrates with all of your selling channels. This is the major advantage of ShipStation and other standalone shipping platforms.

How does ShipStation save money?

The reason shipping softwares like ShipStation are so effective is because we save you time and money on order fulfillment. Features like rate calculators and batch shipping let you compare rates for all your carrier accounts in real time and then print all your labels at discounted rates together.

Is ShipStation good for small business?

In our evaluation of the best shipping solutions, ShipStation scored 3.81 out of 5. It was awarded points for its functionality and impressive features—particularly its inventory and order management capabilities and available integrations.

Do you need ShipStation If you have Shopify?

Shopify will only import orders with physical products into ShipStation. If you are using Shopify’s Inventory features, link the Ship From Location to a Shopify Inventory source so you can view your stock counts in ShipStation. See Shopify Inventory for more information.

Can I use ShipStation with Shopify?

Create your online store with Shopify and automate shipping with ShipStation. Shopify is here to make the business of selling online easy, beautiful, and affordable. Together, we can help you sell and ship out all of your orders quickly and easily!

How do you calculate shipping cost on ShipStation?

To see the rates for a specific shipment:

  1. Select an order.
  2. Set the Weight for the shipment. …
  3. Click the Rate Calcuator icon in the Configure Shipment Widget.
  4. Select a Carrier to view the available services and rates. …
  5. Click Configure Label to apply a carrier and service to the shipment.

Does ShipStation pay for shipping?

No. Your postage provider charges you for the labels you create in ShipStation. ShipStation does not collect your label fees.

What are ShipStation rates?

ShipStation Pricing

Name Price
BRONZE $25per month
SILVER $45per month
GOLD $65per month
PLATINUM $95per month

Is there a monthly fee to use ShipStation?

After your free trial expires, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee that reflects the plan you select. For your convenience, once you have activated your subscription, your ShipStation service will continue uninterrupted unless you decide to cancel.

How do I ship with ShipStation?

Quote from Youtube: The order details screen shows information like the customer's. Address the item in the order and any notes the customer entered go to the shipping sidebar to configure your shipment. Details.

How do I link my PayPal to a ShipStation?

To connect your PayPal account to ShipStation:

  1. Log in to your Paypal Business Account here.
  2. Go to Account Settings in the drop-down under your profile name.
  3. Go to Account access and click the Update link for API access. …
  4. Click Grant API permission in the Pre-built payment solution section.
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