Why use StoreMapper

Why use StoreMapper?

Storemapper makes adding 1,000s of locations painless and fast for you or your team. Powerful analytics suite lets you see where customer are searching for your products and where they can’t find them. Add a store locator or product map to your Facebook Page.

StoreMapper and Store Locator FAQ

Why is store locator important?

Some benefits of a store locator are obvious—the fact that prospective customers for your business can more easily find your physical store or stores. Other equally important benefits are sometimes overlooked, and chief among these is enhancing your business’s ranking in search results.

For which purposes can a store locator be used?

Store locators can also help customers find out if the item they want is available in their local store—again, saving time for your customers. It’s much better than having no choice but to go there, only to find out the items isn’t available.

What is shop Mapper?

A store locator app to help your customers find your products.

What is store locator widget?

Store Locator Widgets product overview
Store Locator Widgets is a fully featured store locator tool which can be configured, customized and embedded into any website for location tracking.

What factors should be considered in locating stores?

4 Important Factors When Looking for Retail Location

  1. Local Market: Present and Future. A first point of consideration is the real estate market or submarket in which a retail store is located. …
  2. The Business Environment. …
  3. Population Demographics. …
  4. Visibility and Accessibility.

How do I choose the right location and layout?

Once you have a general idea of what city you like, choose an area or type of location within that city by evaluating these:

  1. Customer attraction power.
  2. The nature of competition.
  3. Availability of access routes to the stores.
  4. Zoning regulations.
  5. Geographic direction of the city’s expansion.
  6. General appearance of the area.

Is there an app for finding items in a grocery store?

Shops by Aisle411 not only has maps for thousands of stores, but you can also find the exact items you’re looking for at those stores. The app gives you the specific section and aisle to go to for the groceries you need.

How do I create a store locator on Shopify?

Add the store locator to Shopify
On your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Pages > Add page. Name the new page as you prefer (e.g. Our Locations, Find Us, Store Locator).

What does Store Locator mean?

A store locator (or store finder) is a website (or app) feature that allows customers to find physical outlets of a retailer — or of any organization with real-world locations that people may need to visit.

How do I use store locator plugins?

To display your store locator on a WordPress page, simply create a new page or edit an existing one where you want to display the map. On the post edit screen, you need to add the ‘Shortcode’ block to your post edit area. After that add the [wpsl] shortcode inside it.

How do I use the store locator plugin in WordPress?


  1. Upload the wp-store-locator folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a Google API Key and set them on the settings page.
  4. Set the start point on the settings.
  5. Add your stores under ‘Store Locator’ -> Add Store.

Is WP Store Locator free?

WP Multi Store Locator is a free and simple plugin which allows your visitors to locate your stores and access a lot of information on each of your physical locations. You can easily supply each marker with a street address, web page link, and directions.

How do I create a store locator?

How to make a simple store locator with the Google Maps…

  1. Understand what an API is.
  2. Get your API key.
  3. Show a basic map.
  4. Show a map marker.
  5. Respond to a click on a map marker.
  6. Show store locations.
  7. Secure your app.

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