Why use Toshl

Why use Toshl?

Toshl shows how your money flows. Set up budgets and saving accounts so it doesn’t flow away too quickly. Instantly compare how much you spent to the time already passed in the month. Add your main budget into the mix and you’ll know exactly how much you have Left to spend while stacking to your financial goals.

Toshl and Personal Finance FAQ

How do you use Toshl?

How to Set Up Your Finances (Web App)

  1. Add your financial accounts and balances. When you sign up on Toshl, a Cash account is added in advance. …
  2. Check your categories and tags. …
  3. Add your salary and other incomes (repeating incomes) …
  4. Add your regular bills (repeating expenses) …
  5. Look around Toshl, enter expenses on the go.

What is one advantage of using a personal finance program?

Those with plans are more likely to be prepared for financial emergencies and retirement. A financial plan allows you to begin with the end in mind. This gives people the proper perspective to balance their current goals and needs vs future goals and needs.

Is Toshl free?

36 months. Billed $119.99 once. Continues as 12 month plan after first 36 months. Get free Toshl socks or T-shirt with your order.

How do I delete my Toshl finance account?

If you want to delete your data, go to user settings (Me) where you will find the link “Delete my account”. Once you confirm the deleting of your account, your data will be deleted and will no longer be kept on our servers.

How do I add a credit card to Toshl?

All you need to do is connect your bank, card or other financial service in the Toshl app and off you go. Toshl will import your available past transactions as well as automatically add entries as you spend from then on. Of course, you can still enter data as you have so far.

How do I edit categories in Toshl?

Log in to the web app on toshl.com and go to Expenses / Edit categories & tags, or to Incomes / Edit categories & tags. Click on a category or tag to find the Edit options.

Is Toshl finance good?

Toshl is one of the few apps that allows more unusual time periods for budgets like every two weeks along with rollover for the amount that’s left. This is huge for me when it comes to budgets for personal spending and skin care. It makes it much easier to visualize the amount of money that is left in each period.

Is Toshl secure?

Safe and private.

Make sure we have trustworthy partners to connect to banks and host the data. We provide two-factor authentication on your Toshl account for additional security. We are regulated by EU banking authorities and hold a PSD2 AISP registration with Bank of Slovenia.

How do you use Monefy?

Quote from Youtube: Step on settings and go to currency select. Quality start step 3 add input cladding income step on the green path icon at the bottom of the screen and this screen will pop. Up.

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