Why use Viima

What is Viima

Viima is the all-in-one innovation platform that helps you go from ideas to innovations, every step of the way. We’ve made the journey effortless so that you can focus on making more innovation happen.

Viima is based in Finland and it’s the most widely used and highest rated idea management software in the world. With Viima, you can collect ideas from different stakeholders and manage them all the way through to innovations. Viima’s uniquely flexible, yet robust approach allows organizations to customize the tool to their own processes and provides users with an extremely engaging user experience.

To further its mission, Viima’s Basic plan is now free for an unlimited number of users, and it includes features often only available in the expensive Enterprise versions of the competing offerings.

It’s Best For
Organizations that are looking to deliver measurable results with innovation and create a company culture focused on innovation and continuous improvement. Ideal for medium to large organizations.

With Viima you can:
* Collect ideas from your employees, customers, and other stakeholders.
* Prioritise ideas and pick the right ones to progress.
* Develop and refine ideas together with your team.
* Analyse your innovation process to find and eliminate bottlenecks.

Viima is already used by more than 15 000 organizations around the world.

Why use Viima?

Viima makes it easy to refine and develop ideas together with your team. Viima provides you with tools for prioritizing ideas and picking the right ones to progress. Viima helps you analyze your innovation process to find and eliminate bottlenecks.

Viima and Innovation Management FAQ

Why do we need innovation management?

By managing and encouraging innovation, you can discover new products, reduce costs, and enhance your development process significantly. Organizations that don’t embrace innovation management also risk bringing outdated solutions to their market. This limits your ability to stay ahead of the competition.

What are the approaches used in innovation management?

Using the right innovation method

  • Design Thinking. Close. “The focus of design thinking is on the needs of the end user. …
  • Future Thinking. Close. …
  • Crowdsourcing. Close. …
  • Hackathons. Close.

What are the key aspects of innovation management?

What are the key elements of an Innovation Management System? The success factors to innovate effectively are structured in seven key areas: context, leadership, planning, support, operations, evaluation, and improvement. Recommendations to companies and organizations are provided in each area.

What are the benefits of efficient innovation management?

Innovation Management Essentials: Series 4 – Benefits of Innovation Management

  • Help to capture ideas from everyone involved in your organization. …
  • Help to identify great ideas quickly. …
  • Help to reduce costs and boost efficiency. …
  • Help to better allocate resources in the form of people, money, and time.

What are three reasons why innovation is important?

3 Reasons Innovation Is Important for Businesses

  • Innovation grows your business. Business growth means, ultimately, increasing your profits. …
  • Innovation helps you stay ahead of the competition. …
  • Innovation helps you take advantage of new technologies.

Why innovation management is critical for a business?

Innovation management is critical to having a sustainable business because it enables one to look ahead into the future and come up with new and creative ideas which the competitors would not have thought of.

What innovation management means?

Innovation management involves the process of managing an organization’s innovation procedure, starting at the initial stage of ideation, to its final stage of successful implementation. It encompasses the decisions, activities and practices of devising and implementing an innovation strategy.

What are the four key elements related to innovation management?

The Four Key Elements of Innovation: Collaboration, Ideation, Implementation and Value Creation. Innovation requires collaboration, ideation, implementation and value creation. Community developers actively engaged in innovation illustrated each of these elements during breakout sessions.

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